The details:

Michael has accepted a job at TVA and the position is in Bowling Green, KY.  His tentative start date is on September 26th and we will be moving sometime around the 20th – 23rd (specific details to come soon, I hope).  Today we gave our two weeks notices at work and put our house on the market.  We have already found a townhouse to rent in Bowling Green until we sell our house here and are ready to buy a house there.  I don’t know yet what I will be doing as far as a job, so if you know of anything I’m taking suggestions!

The emotions:

I am so excited to be moving closer to our families; we will be about an hours drive away from our parents which is just perfect.  We will also be so much closer to our Tennessee friends.  The downside to that is that we are moving away from our Lexington friends and this is going to be so hard; I am going to miss our church and our friends in Lexington so badly.  I am continually thankful for things like Facebook and blogs so I will be able to stay in touch with my friends (and Lexington folks: you better stop in BG to see us as you pass by!) This journey has definitely been an emotional roller coaster for me and I’m sure it will continue through the next few weeks.  I’m excited and nervous and happy and sad and overwhelmed all at once!

I know there will be tons more to post about our upcoming move soon, but I have to collect my thoughts a little first – today has been crazy!



  1. Congratulations – and what a surprise! I understand that your emotions would be running hot and cold right now. Bowling Green is a beautiful, excitng, historic city in a great location. I am sure that you will love it!
    BTW-I just got off the phone with a client in Bowling Green. Uncle Don

  2. Rhonda Bowers says:

    Congratulations! Will be praying for the two of you as new and exciting things are on the horizon.

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