Clorox bleach tablets (Works for Me Wednesday)

I am forever signing up for free samples and a few months ago I got a sample of these Clorox tablets.  You put them in the tank of your toilet and every time you flush it cleans the inside of the bowl with a little bleach.  Something about the water in our house makes these nasty black and/or pink rings around the inside of the toilet bowl that usually appear within a week of cleaning the toilet.  I gave these a try and I was amazed at how long I could go without having to scrub the toilet since it was getting cleaned with every flush.  I immediately went out and bought enough for all three of our toilets.  This is especially handy now that we are moving and trying to sell our house since I need to keep it clean in case someone comes to look at it – at least now I can know that my toilets will be clean!

Pros: easy to use, fairly cheap, lasts several months, drastically reduces need to clean inside of toilet bowl

Cons: leaves a slight bleach smell (especially with the first few flushes), possibly hard on the toilet? (Michael said something about bleach being bad for the connectors I think).

For me the pros definitely outweigh the cons.  Cleaning my toilet with every flush works for me!  (Linking up to Works for Me Wednesday)

(These are my own opinions, Clorox did not compensate me in any way other than sending me the original sample – I just happen to really like their product)



  1. Sounds like it’s worth a try. Checked out more info on the web and looks like it’s safe for our septic too.

  2. Hey – I used to use these and you’re right. They totally make it possible to go a long time between cleanings and still have a sparkling AND sanitary toilet. But :( I don’t use them anymore because we had problems with our toilet and our awesome plumber said it was because of these things. He says the bleach (or any chemical really) will destroy the rubber and plastic parts int he tank super fast AND they can break into bits eventually and actually cause minor clogs so that the toilet needs two flushes to “get it all down”. The latter was our problem. He says if you positively can’t live without them, then to use the kind that actually hangs inside the bowl (not the tank). They don’t sell these at Costco so I haven’t tried them, but I’ve found that splashing a tablespoon or so of white vinegar in the bowl before I go to bed does the trick! It keeps mineral rings away, kills bacteria and only smells when we’re all asleep, then gets flushed down in the morning. I do miss a bleachy-clean toilet though!!

    • Thanks so much for this info! I definitely don’t want to mess up the toilet so I’m going to quit using them. I love the vinegar idea though and I’m going to give it a try.

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