This week Michael had another training in Chattanooga and I went with him.  Basically I spent most of the time working on my research paper but we did get to go out to eat and enjoy actually having a tv.

Here’s a recap of our trip:


Michael had a full day of training.  I went to the Starbucks in the hotel to get a muffin and coffee for breakfast.  They wouldn’t take my gift card (boo) and the cappuccino wasn’t very good (double boo) but the muffin was yummy.

After breakfast I worked on school work.  Then I went to the little gym in the hotel (they had awesome ellipticals!).

Then I walked to Panera for lunch.  I took my laptops and books, thinking that I could sit at Panera to work, but I didn’t think about how heavy that bag would get by the time I walked all the way there.  Also my shoes were too tight and rubbed blisters while I walked – ouchie.  But once I got there I had a delicious lunch and got the introduction section of my research paper done.

I walked back to the hotel and worked on another assignment until Michael got back from training.  For supper we went out Sticky Fingers.  It was way good and my potato was ginormous!

Then we watched a little 24 – we’re working on season 2 now.


While Michael was at training I slept in, ate breakfast (just a muffin from Walmart this time – who wants to get out their jammies to walk down to Starbucks? Not this girl).  I worked on more school work and worked out


shirt and belt from my recent Goodwill haul

For lunch I walked to Qdoba.  I tried different shoes and left the big school bag at home this time.  And the walk started out fine – until the rain started and I had no umbrella.  And my shoes rubbed the blisters from yesterday.  But my lunch was good!  After lunch I went to the shady Family Dollar down the street to buy an umbrella and band aids – which I awkwardly put on my poor feet in the middle of the street.  The rain stopped before I had to walk home so fortunately (unfortunately?) I didn’t need that umbrella.

My plan was to go back to the hotel, get my school stuff, and walk to the library to work on my research paper.  But my feet hurt too bad so I just stayed in the room.  I was able to get two more sections of my paper done, though.  Yippee!  That was a relief.

After Michael got out of training we went to Big River Grill with another guy from TVA then came back to the luxury of the television to watch our shows when they actually aired.


I tried out the curly look today

BTW that yellow shirt met it’s demise today when the velcro on one of my bags snagged it.  So sad.

Michael just had a half day.  I ate breakfast, worked out, packed up, and checked out of the hotel.  After his training we went to the City Cafe (thanks Janice!) for lunch.  Lunch was great but the desserts were what blew me away.  They were beautiful and huge!  Sadly we were too full to eat any but I’m already planning for next time to save some room for dessert.

Before we left Chattanooga we went to the mall so I could go to Forever 21.  The store was huge and there were so many choices that it was a little overwhelming!  I got a few little things, including this cute winter headband (it looks like a hat since I cut my head off in the picture but it’s actually a thick headband/earwarmer thing).

Before we left Chattanooga I needed wanted to get some cupcakes from a shop I had been drooling over all week.

I got one of those peanut butter and chocolate ones there on the right – you know me, a PB&C girl to the core

Michael got a some sort of chocolate explosion cupcake – chocolate cupcake with chocolate ganache filling (we weren’t sure what ganache was and I’m still not 100% sure) and chocolate buttercream icing

Mine, the peanut butter and chocolate one, was a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter filling and peanut butter buttercream icing

Mine was amazing.  I would get it again in a heartbeat!

the frosting was as tall as the cupcake!

Then off we went to sit in excruciatingly slow Chattanooga traffic in order to get back home.



  1. Most of those Starbucks in hotels and hospitals sell Starbucks coffee but aren’t the real thing. I’m always disappointed. Glad you had fun!

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