boomerangs and birthdays

Fun fall days are the best.  Spending time with family is the best.  This weekend we got to have both.

Saturday night was when we were planning to celebrate Brendan’s birthday.  Poor guy – his birthday is actually in July but with Mom having to spend most of the summer in Mayfield taking care of Granddaddy and then Brendan and Riley going to back school and then Michael and me moving, we haven’t had any time to do his family birthday party.  This weekend we finally made it happen.

We left Chattanooga Friday afternoon and instead of going back to Bowling Green and then turning around Saturday and coming back to Springfield we just decided to stay in Springfield Friday night.

I got all my grad school assignments done by Friday night so Saturday we just got to relax and play.

We got our new toy

We watched tons of home videos from when we were little.  And laughed.  And laughed.  And laughed.  And probably scared Biskie with all our crazy antics as children.

Brendan showed us his boomerang and we all took turns playing

Then the dogs decided to get in on the action

Brendan and Biskie – precious

When Riley got home we had Brendan’s birthday: Zaxby’s and chocolate oatmeal cookies

Power Rangers decor courtesy of Mom

Daddy, Brendan, Biskie, and Riley

Ah the famous Power Ranger sword – providing hours of joy then and now

I hope y’all had a relaxing weekend too.



  1. Brendan Bowers says:

    Will these pictures go up on facebook or do I need to save them myself and upload them?

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