my weight loss journey part 7 – the future

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I hope that this mini-series has encouraged, uplifted, or inspired you in some way.  I know that just writing this down has really inspired me to get back to that girl I was in college.  If you already live an active, healthy lifestyle then at least you will know understand when I refer to weight loss or healthy living in my posts (it was such a huge life change that I sort of think of many things in my life as before the lifestyle change and after).

Before I close out I want to discuss what the future (hopefully) holds for me.  For one, now that I’ve told you that I’m going to get back on track I have to keep my word and do that.  I’m now accountable to you and so my goal is to back to my “happy weight” (that’s how I’m going to refer to that range where I know my body is comfortable and I could live forever like that) within the next few months.  That’s an immediate future goal, but recently I’ve also been thinking about longer-term goals.

We’ve discussed before (many times) my love of Pinterest.  Lots of the posts there are centered around fitness, exercise, diet, and healthy living.  Two images that I’ve seen several times and that have really made me think are these:

Both of these pictures have started me thinking about the example I’m going to be for my daughters (not being sexist, girls just seem to struggle more than boys).  Yes, that is a long way off but it’s something I need to figure out now.  I don’t want my daughters to see me going through cycles of dieting, falling off the wagon, gaining weight, being disgusted with how I look/feel, dieting again, etc.  I don’t her/them to learn negative body image or self talk from me.  I want all my children to grow up learning a healthy lifestyle where we make healthy choices but don’t put all our focus on weight.

So that’s my long term goal.  To get my mindset and habits in a place where I am living a healthy life, not obsessed with how I look or hating myself for having a piece of cake.  Not letting the number on the scale rule me.  Having BALANCE.  I hope you will set that goal for yourself, too.  Let’s teach our daughters, nieces, friends, students, coworkers, observers, everyone that it’s good to strive to be healthy, but that we are so much more than a body type or a number.


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