jacket makeover

Remember the $0.99 jacket I bought at Goodwill a few weeks ago?

It was cute the way I bought it, but it was missing the bottom button.  Rather than try to track down a matching button I just decided to use all new buttons and jazz it up a little bit.  I found some cute buttons at Hobby Lobby – $2.70 for 6.  I cut off the old buttons, sewed on the new ones, and easy-peasy I had a new jacket.


While at Hobby Lobby I also found some adorable fabric in the clearance/remnants bin that matched so I bought it to use to make a pin for my jacket.

I love love love polka dots!

The first flower I made like the ones I showed you here.  I put a pin on the back of it to pin onto the jacket.

These yo-yo’s were a new venture for me.  I used this tutorial to learn how to make them.  They were actually pretty easy to make.  I put the leftover button in the middle of the big flower and glued a pin on the back.  The smaller flower I just glued to a bobby pin to make a little hair clip.

here’s the jacket with the swirly pin

and here it is with the yo-yo with the matching button

which one looks better?

here’s the yo-yo on the bobby pin – don’t worry, I won’t go all match-matchy and wear it with this outfit, I was just modeling it for you

I love my new jacket!

Outfit specs just in case you’re interested: jacket/Mossimo Target via Goodwill; pin/made by me; blue shirt/Belk?; skirt/New York and Co.; Boots/Target (see here)

Happy Friday!

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  1. This is wayyy too cute – well done! Your jacket looks fresh and new, love it!

  2. So cute, a great way to jazz up something boring!!

    I jazzed up some plain black shoes with comics… check it out :-)

  3. I think I liked the button yoyo best.:) It helps tie the jacket together even a little more.:)

  4. Very clever and colorful. I’m working on making over some long sleeve tshirts.

  5. The is adorable! I just don’t have the vision to “see” the finished project when it comes to clothing. Enjoyed visiting your blog.

  6. What a fun, easy makeover! Well done!

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