I gotta new way to mop, mop, mop…

(if you sang that in your head to the tune of “I gotta a new way to walk, walk, walk” from Sesame Street then you are awesome)

Let me just say, I hate REALLY dislike mopping (in our house growing up we were only allowed to hate Satan and chiggers).  Mopping is one of my very least favorite household chores.  Why?  Because I’ve never found a good way to do it.

Most of the places I’ve lived have only had super tiny areas that could even be mopped (tile, laminate, etc.), plus they all were colors or materials that didn’t show anything – therefore those areas didn’t get mopped much.  Then we bought our house.  Complete with a wide expanse of dark bamboo floors (remember these pictures?).  They showed EV-ER-Y-THING and were impossible to keep clean.  And so my battle began.

I’ve done the Swiffer thing.  I don’t know about you but I think the Swiffer is only good for a quick dry run to pick up hair off the bathroom floor and maybe some dust.  If I Swiffer the kitchen I still have to sweep it because the Swiffer doesn’t pick up the big crumbs.  The Swiffer wet things are drippy and messy and don’t last long so you need several if you have a big floor.  Then they leave a sticky residue.  And don’t even get me started on the handle – that has to be the flimsiest thing ever!

I’ve tried the Shark which came oh so highly recommended by some of my friends.  Again, it was a no-go.  It was nearly impossible to push around the floor and it was streaky.  If I’m going to pay over $100 for a mop it better work like none other!

Of course I’ve done the basic ‘ole mop that you dunk in water, squeeze out, and use.  Of the above options, this gave me the least grief.  That being said it was still inconvenient to store since it took forever to dry, I had to continue returning to the sink while I mopped, and I never felt like the mop was clean even though I rinsed it after each use.

In desperate times I’ve even just wet rags and mopped down on my hands and knees like Cinderella.  That got the best results but let’s be honest – that’s miserable and time consuming.

Then a few weeks ago I was reading through the Works for Me Wednesday posts and I came across this one.  Like me the poster had tried lots of methods with little success; but she raved about her Rubbermaid Reveal mop.  She also made a video about how to use the mop.  I was sold.  The mop was purchased this weekend and put to the test for the first time today.  I’ll tell you what I think in a sec but Kathleen’s review is much better that what I’m about to write.  Plus she has a video and I don’t.  So go now and check out what she has to say.  I’ll wait.






Oh good, you’re back. Like I said, her review is very thorough and if you’re like me you already know you want to try this mop.  If you’re on the edge, let me tell you what I think.  I LOVE IT!!  This mop is super easy to use.  Seriously, the hardest thing about it is cutting off the plastic package.  After I opened it I just had to fill my bottle, pop it in to place, squeeze the handle a few times to get it going, and start mopping.  It was cake.  I’d just squeeze the handle to squirt out a few streams of water and mop over that section.  The mop was easy to maneuver and glided (is that a word?) perfectly over my floors.  When I finished I just pulled off the cloth (it velcroes on) and tossed it in the wash.

In all fairness I haven’t tried this mop on those dark bamboo floors so I don’t know how it will compare.  But the ease of use was definitely head and shoulders above anything else I’ve tried.

Go.  Buy one now.  You won’t regret it.


(P.S. I was not compensated for this post in any way.  Rubbermaid has no idea I exist.  But Rubbermaid?  If you’re reading this feel free to send me another one of these super cool mops.  I’d love to give one to my readers.  ‘K thanks.)



  1. Thanks for the shout out! I have to confess, though, the video I posted isn’t mine; just a good one I found on You Tube. I’ll modify my original post to reflect that….

    Seriously, people, go get one!

    • Is it weird to want to give mops to people for Christmas? They’d probably think I was insinuating that their house was dirty, but really I just love this thing I want to spread the joy to all :)

  2. First, we miss you and Michael bunches and bunches.
    Second, did a quick coupon search and came up with this. Good until the end of November. It’s only 5 bucks off, but hey, 5 bucks is 5 bucks.

  3. Where did you buy the mop?

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