the official start of the season and my newest wreath

Happy Monday everyone.  I hope you had a super fantastic Thanksgiving weekend, I know we sure did (recap to come later)!  Now that Thanksgiving is over it’s time to bust out the Christmas stuff.  I’m so excited!

This morning marked the “official” start of the holiday season for me – I switched out my regular body wash, lotion, and perfume with these guys:

Twisted Peppermint lotion and body spray, Vanilla Bean Noel body wash – be still my beating heart (all are from Bath and Body Works in case you want to enjoy the yumminess yourself)

I adore these scents and get so excited about the holiday season when I get to use/wear them.  They make me feel so happy everyday from Thanksgiving to New Years.  Does anyone else get really excited about certain smells like I do?  To me, scents and music are so powerful in the way they can bring back memories or evoke feelings.

Moving on…

For about a year or so (even before discovering Pinterest…gasp!) I fell in love with these wreaths made out of lots of balls of yarn and knew that’s what I wanted to do for my Christmas wreath this year.  So about a week ago I set about getting my supplies for my project.  I used the white and green yarn left over from my fall wreath and bought some red yarn.  I was going to buy some styrofoam balls to use to wrap the yarn around but then I saw where someone else (sorry, can’t find the link to give them credit) had crumpled newspaper into balls and wrapped yarn around that.  I decided to save some money and “repurpose” a magazine I had by tearing out the pages and crumpling them up.

Finally, I needed a wreath form.  I’ve been seeing this pin floating around Pinterest for a while – it says to use that gray foam tubing from the plumbing department at Lowe’s to make a wreath because it’s supposed to be way cheaper than buying wreath forms.  I showed Michael that picture and he bought me some foam tubing.  Guess what IT DIDN”T WORK!  When I bent the tubing in a circle it turned into an oval with weird spots poking out.  I was so mad!  It was late and I really wanted to finish my wreath so I grabbed my masking tape and started putting tape around the parts that were bent.  Then another part would bend so I’d have to tape it up.  After a lot of tape I ended up with this:

I finally got it to stay in a circle-shape!

A note about making the yarn balls you see in the background: they aren’t hard at all, they just take a long time (I worked on them while watching tv).  The largest ones were three magazine pages crumpled together and the smallest ones were 1/4 of a magazine page crumpled up and wrapped.  Once I shaped the paper into a ball I would put a dab of hot glue on it, stick the yarn to the glue and start wrapping until the whole ball was covered.  Then I’d put one more dab of glue to secure the end.  I used up all 3 skeins of yarn (minus the tiny bit that had been used for my fall wreath).

After I forced my foam tubing into a circle and finished wrapping all my yarn balls then I started gluing them on.  That went well until I realized that you could see a lot of the wreath form from the sides and it looked so terrible with all that masking tape.  If you recreate this project, PLEASE wrap your wreath with yarn (time consuming) or ribbon (much faster) before gluing the yarn balls on. It was too late for me because the glue had already hardened so I had to improvise.  I cut lots of small pieces of ribbon and glued them on in all sorts of weird directions in order to cover the wreath.  It looks absolutely terrible up close (although it looks better than the gray and masking tape combo) but it looks okay from far away.

All in all the process was much more stressful and difficult than I anticipated but I’m pleased with how it turned out, even after all the mishaps.


I haven’t put it up on the front door yet (I’ll be doing all the Christmas decorating this weekend once we get back from Chattanooga) but here it is hanging on the closet.

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  1. I was wondering if that foam wreath really would work. Seems like if it did work than it wouldn’t hold a lot of weight. I like your wreath! very cute and festive

  2. What a great idea. I would of never thought to use magazines. THanks for sharing. I would love it if you could link this up to our linky party going on right now.

  3. The magazine/newspaper balls are a genius idea!

    I stopped by from the linky party at biblical homemaking!

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