Thanksgiving and Birthdays

Like I’ve mentioned already, this past weekend was a whirlwind of Thanksgiving gatherings and birthday celebrations – here’s the recap:


We got up early and drove to Mayfield, KY where my grandparents (Mom’s parents) live.

Thursday was also Mom’s birthday so I made her a barn cake (she loves barns).

Daddy, Michael, and Brendan playing Brendan’s board game

The youngest grandchildren and great-grandchildren with the tree they made – each family member filled out a leaf that listed what they were thankful for and the kids (and Elizabeth) put them on the tree

My youngest cousins Miller and Jackson enjoying piggy cupcakes

Miller is my mini-me.  I don’t think we look quite as much alike now that she is older, but when she was a baby she looked just like I did as a baby.

After lunch with my family we drove back to Springfield to have dinner with Michael’s dad’s side of the family.

I got to meet little miss Scarlett – Michael’s cousin’s little girl who we hadn’t gotten to meet yet.  What a cutie pie!

Scarlett and Lyric (on the left – another cousin’s little girl) were so much fun to play with.  See that pink striped thing behind Lyric?  It’s a dancing monkey from Walgreens and it was so funny!

getting my baby-holding fix

Yes, I realize most of my Thanksgiving pictures are of the kids.  Can you blame me?  Kids are just so cute!


Friday was Michael’s birthday and he was off work – yay!  We started off the day with a homemade cinnamon rolls breakfast in bed (read more about that tradition and get the recipe here).  Our gym had a “trim the fat” 2 hour Zumba class Friday morning to burn off some of those Thanksgiving calories (my heart rate monitor told me I burned 1,148 calories!  Wowzas!).  For some odd reason I couldn’t convince Michael to Zumba with me (can’t imagine why he wouldn’t want to participate…) so he just worked out in the weight room.  The rest of Friday was spent relaxing, cooking several more birthday and Thanksgiving dishes, watching 24, and working on my yarn wreath.


We headed back to Springfield for more birthday celebrations.  We ate lunch with my family.

Mom sometimes gives us riddles (I can’t wait to tell you about our Christmas countdown box!) and sends us on scavenger hunts for our presents and obviously that has rubbed off on Brendan and Riley – they each gave Michael a riddle (Riley’s was a puzzle and a riddle) to solve before he could find his presents.

Michael and Brendan put up Mom’s tree then Riley and I decorated it (while Michael cleaned gutters – what a champ!)
look at Riley texting and me hard at work – tsk tsk

that’s more like it

We rounded out Michael’s birthday weekend with dinner with his family.  My picture taking dropped off considerably (read: none) at this point.  So sorry.


One more Thanksgiving!  After church Sunday morning we drove to Columbia, TN to have Thanksgiving with Michael’s mom’s family.  It was good to see them and visit with his aunt who is battling cancer.  Then back to Bowling Green we went.

Whew, what  weekend!  It was a little crazy but the craziness and tons of driving is totally worth it to get to see so much of our family.  Now I’m sure excited about Christmas (and doing all of this again plus more)!  I love the holidays!



  1. I love reading your blog! I can’t wait to try the recipes that you have posted and I want to make that barn cake. It was SOOOO cute! Thanks sweet girl!

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