What I Wore Wednesday

It’s time again for another What I Wore Wednesday.  You can read more details about the days and events that go along with these outfits here.


Thanksgiving with my mom’s side of the family for lunch and Michael’s dad’s side of the family for dinner

dress/Gabriel Bros; gray top/Limited; boots/Target; necklace/made by me; headband/Burlington


Cinnamon roll birthday breakfast, 2 hour “trim the fat” Zumba session at the gym, lots more baking for Thanksgiving = a day spent in workout clothes/sweats so no picture


Michael’s birthday lunch with my family, birthday dinner with his family, and helping Mom decorate her Christmas tree

top/gift; cardigan/Banana Republic outlet; jeans/Gap; shoes/Rugged Warehouse (Gabriel Bros); headband/Burlington


church and Thanksgiving with Michael’s mom’s side of the family

sweater/Limited; gray top/Banana Republic outlet; skirt/Worthington (that’s the brand – I have no earthly idea from what store I bought it); shoes/Aerology by Aerosoles (again, that’s the brand and I don’t know what store they’re from); necklace/NY&Co. via Rugged Warehouse (Gabriel Bros); earrings/NY&Co.; belt/Burlington


running a million errands in the rain, heading to Chattanooga for another work trip

I forgot to take a picture of my outfit, but it wasn’t that exciting (jeans, flats, striped top, rain jacket) so you aren’t missing anything


dinner out in Chattanooga

jacket/Burkes; sweater/Limited; jeans/Gap; shoes/Fergie via DSW; earrings/NY&Co.

check out my reverse french braid!  It turned out better than I expected (although it still needs a bit of work)

I don’t know why braids don’t really seem to show up in my hair.  Is it because my hair is all one color (unless you count those pesky grays – boo, hiss)?  Whatever it is, all I know is that braids in my hair never stand out as much as braids in other people’s hair.  The end.

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  1. Very cute outfits, and Oh My Gosh, your hair!! I could never do that, so jealous… ;)

  2. I think your braid turned out great. Great minds think alike! Thanks for visiting my blog

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