Christmas countdown

I’m really big on traditions.  One that we’ve done for about as long as I can remember is a Christmas countdown.  There have been a few different types but the one we (when I say we, I mean my parents and siblings) have used for that past several years has little drawers in which Mom puts candy, little presents, or clues to find bigger presents.  That’s right, last year at ages 25, 23, 20, and 18 we still checked the boxes for our gifts.  For Michael and me that meant when we got to Springfield Christmas Eve we got to open all 24 little boxes since we hadn’t been there to open them on the correct days.  And I believe that tradition will continue – and I don’t even care that we are probably too old for all this – I love it!  And I love that Mom still does this for us.

Like I said, somedays there are pieces of candy or the like, but somedays there are clues.  Mom is an awesome clue-maker.  She writes them in riddles (they always rhyme – I don’t know how she does that!) so you have to figure out the riddle and then go to that place in the house to find your gift.  The scavenger hunt around the house is my favorite part about our countdown box.

This is the countdown box at my parents house with our loot from last year – those little slips of paper are some of Mom’s clues.

So since I love this tradition so much I decided to create a Christmas countdown for Michael at our house.  At some point I would like a reusable thing like Mom’s box but for this year I decided just to use paper bags.

I numbered each bag, strung twine up in the little hallway that goes from the living room to the kitchen, and tied the bags to the twine.  I can’t tell you what all is in the bags since Michael hasn’t opened them yet but there are things like favorite candy or homemade coupons.  I didn’t do any clues like Mom, although I plan to do that in coming years, but for this year all the presents are in the bags.

They were made very quickly and aren’t super fancy but they work for us this year.  It was a fast and pretty cheap project if you are looking for something to do for your sweetie this Christmas.


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