Michael’s Christmas tree

We started dating in July.  That meant that Michael’s 18th birthday in November was the first gift-giving event of our relationship.  I was clueless about what to get a boy – a boyfriend, no less- for his birthday.  Thankfully I have a creative mom who helped me out (and a dad who has similar interests to Michael who helped me with Christmas ideas).  Mom suggested that I make Michael a little personalized Christmas tree.

It wasn’t the fanciest but it was made with love and has lots of meaning.  Michael’s parents used to put it up every year at their house until we got married and then we started putting it in our house/apartment/townhouse.  For several years after that first year I would give Michael some more ornaments for the little tree but it’s finally gotten quite full so now I just buy ornaments for our big tree.  At the time that I made the tree there weren’t tons and tons of small ornaments to choose from so several of the “ornaments” were dollhouse pieces or other random things that I attached to the tree.

Here’s his little tree sitting in our bedroom

The “present” is a full-sized ornament but it is much too big to go on the tree so I just set it under the tree.  Michael’s dog is a black lab, hence the ornament.

I just love that rifle ornament up at the top of the picture

Another black lab ornament and some construction ornaments

fishing ornaments, tools, and bullet casings


a trumpet (he played in our high school marching band)

you can see in the background how I glued string around the bullet to turn it into an ornament

more tools – isn’t that drill the cutest?

This was a fun little project.  I really loved picking out and making ornaments that were meaningful to Michael.  And every year I love getting it out and looking back at that very first gift from 8 years ago.



  1. Oh wow, this is the most amazing tree–and I LOVE those awesome ornaments…and I had a black lab for so many years, so I am loving that Lab ornament and all those tools!!!!
    Merry Christmas!!!

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