Christmas card display {Works for Me Wednesday}

Remember the countdown I made for Michael?

As he took bags off I intended to take down the pieces of twine.  But at the same time, Christmas cards starting coming in the mail and a little lightbulb went off in my head.  Why not display the cards on the top of the countdown?  So I bought some clothespins that that’s what I did.

It’s not fancy and it’s not something I will be able to use from year to year like some of the cute card displays like I’ve seen before, but for our small space it’s perfect.  Plus it was cheap and easy and I’d already done all the “work” when I made the countdown.  Score.  And that works for me.

Speaking of Christmas cards, after my Christmas card fail I ordered some cards from Snapfish when I had a 40% off code and a free shipping code so they weren’t too very expensive.  I’m quite happy with how they turned out although I wish I had ordered more because I didn’t have enough to send to everyone I wanted to send one to.  So if you didn’t get one, I’m sorry; next year I will order more.

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