Christmas 2011

Grab some hot chocolate and settle in for a recap of our Christmas weekend; complete with only a fraction of the 500 pictures I took with my new camera.

Unfortunately we were both a little sickly this Christmas.  I started getting sick right before we went to Knoxville to celebrate Christmas last Saturday and spent most of the week in bed with a runny nose, killer headache, some nausea, and fatigue.  I finally started feeling better Thursday night.  Then Friday Michael started feeling crummy with an extremely sore throat and runny nose that lasted through Christmas weekend.  However, we were still able to enjoy lots of time with our family and friends.

We kicked off the Christmas festivities on Christmas Eve morning when we did our little Christmas.  We slept late (well sort of, 8ish which is late for us) and then had strawberry muffins for breakfast (and then I had several Reeses trees…).  After breakfast we opened our presents and stockings from each other.

Michael woke up before me so he turned on the lights and set out our presents

getting the very last bag from the Christmas countdown

yep, t-shirt, capris, and fuzzy socks – these are the weird styling outfits I don’t show you on WIWW…at least my socks were Christmasy

That gift I was opening turned out to be…

a new camera!  Michael, my parents, and his parents went in together to buy it for me.

It came with a camera bag that is similar to the cool camera bag that Amanda has

After we opened our presents we got packed up and headed toward Springfield

Michael drove (as usual – what a champ)

and I played with my new toy…

When we got to Springfield Michael went to his dad’s shop to finish up a Christmas present and I went to hang out with Anne and Liz

we took a little walk and enjoyed the mild weather, scenery, and each other’s company

Christmas Eve night we always celebrate Christmas at Michael’s Grandmama’s (his dad’s mom) with his aunt, uncle, and cousins so we headed over there for dinner and presents.

Funny story: After we left Grandmama’s we stopped back by the shop to pick up the present Michael had been working on.  As we were leaving a police car pulled in and blocked us in.  Apparently we looked suspicious but after the officer found out who Michael was and checked his ID he let us go.  Of course the officer that stopped us was the same one who gave me a speeding ticket a few months ago.  I mean, does my old Camry just shout “troublemaker”??  I know, it’s actually really good that they are keeping an eye on things around town but I just get this feeling this guy is out to get me…

Christmas morning we got up early so we could do our presents before church – here are the boys waiting in the kitchen while Mom and Daddy finish breakfast

opening stockings – one of the things in my stocking (which I’m holding in this picture) is a pair of gloves with special tips on the thumb and pointer finger so I can wear gloves and still use my iPhone.  Sweet.

Like I’ve mentioned before, my family likes puzzles.  Brendan gave us a code that we had to solve that would lead us to our presents.  Riley solved it while I was distracted eating biscuits and gravy so I’m not exactly sure what the clue was…

Then Riley gave me a cool puzzle that used cookie cutters to tell a story that told me I was getting…

vouchers for tickets to see the Hunger Games movie in March!

(Brendan looks very interested, doesn’t he?)

Brendan’s present was the coolest one this year.  A while ago he came up with an idea for a new board game (don’t know the specifics, sorry).  He created a practice board on a piece of poster board and the guys played it at Thanksgiving.  At some point he created a design on the computer of what he wanted it to look like (I think, again I’m not sure of the specifics) but anyway, somehow Daddy got a hold of the design and sent it to a friend of his who made it into a real game board.  Daddy then bought some little army men that matched the roles of the figures in the game.  Michael painted the the pieces and Riley made a box with foam in it to store them.  Brendan was really surprised.  Sorry for the really stinky explanation of the game – the short of it was that we (mostly Daddy) turned Brendan’s game idea into the real thing.  Very neat.

Looks so professional

After breakfast and presents we headed to church

I love this picture

Christmas 2011 – Brendan (22), Michael (26), Caitlin (24), Riley (19)

After a yummy lunch of vegetable soup, Riley taught Michael and me how to play Buzzwords so we played for a while with him and Mom

Then Michael read on his Kindle

while Mom, Riley, and I played Rummikub

After that we took a nice, restful nap

Christmas night we went to Michael’s uncle’s house to celebrate with his dad’s extended family

we visited, ate, and played with another one of the funny dancing monkeys from Walgreens – I love these things!

Uncle Kenneth showed off his UT Snuggie and Aunt Squaty’s new scarf

Monday morning (the day after Christmas) we did Christmas with Michael’s parents and brother (and I acted goofy for the camera while we waited for breakfast to finish cooking)

We ate a yummy breakfast and then did presents

The rest of the day was spent laying around, watching tv, reading, blogging, etc.

Finally Monday evening we packed up and headed back to Bowling Green.  Other than being a little sickly we had a fantastic Christmas!



  1. The Brendan story made me cry! I love reading your blog. We can’t wait to see you.

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