2011 in review

On the last page of my scrapbooks for the last few years I have listed the highlights from that year.  I’ll do the same at the end of this year’s scrapbook but since I’m also blogging now I’m going to write that list here as well.  I think it’s fun to look back at a quick overview of the year.

  • I started graduate school – masters in library media education (LME) through Western Kentucky University (WKU) online (January)
  • I created the Date of the Month Club for Michael which we did every month until we moved and then it just completely fell by the wayside – we may go back and just randomly do the other dates I had planned (February – August)
  • I turned 24 (February)
  • We visited Michael’s friend Doc in Chattanooga (April)
  • We went to Gatlinburg for our 2nd anniversary (May)
  • I finished my second year of teaching: 3 Algebra 2 classes, 1 Algebra 1 class, and 1 Connections Algebra 1 class (June)
  • I flew to Dallas with Anne to visit Liz for a few days (June)
  • Michael applied for a job at TVA (April)
  • Michael got called for an interview with TVA (June)
  • My Granddaddy fell and broke his hip (June)
  • I spent a week in Mayfield helping Mom and Mema take care of Granddaddy (July)
  • Michael got word that he was their pick for the job but that they were waiting for paperwork and approval from HR (August)
  • I started my 3rd year of teaching: 3 Geometry classes, 1 Advanced Geometry class, and 1 Connections Algebra 1 class (August)
  • I started this blog (August)
  • Michael got an official offer from TVA (September) (this was quite a long process!)
  • Michael and I gave our 2 weeks notice at our current jobs (September)
  • We put our house on the market (September)
  • We moved to Bowling Green (September)
  • Michael started his new job (September)
  • Michael (and I) travelled to Chattanooga, Nashville, Chattanooga again, Knoxville, and Mayfield for various trainings and job assignments (October – December)
  • Michael turned 26 (November)
  • Michael took (and passed) a test to get his HAM radio license (December)
  • Michael’s Aunt Janet passed away (December)
  • I completed 30 of my 33 hours of graduate classes (2 classes in the spring semester, 1 during May-mester, 4 during summer, and 3 during the fall semester) (January – December)
  • I got my first DSLR camera (December)

2011 was a very exciting year!

Christmas 2011


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