Christmas and NYE in Mayfield

We headed to Mayfield this weekend to celebrate one more Christmas – this time with my mom’s side of the family.

Friday night Michael, Riley, and I decorated Christmas cookies

sprinkles galore

beautiful cookies – one of my 2012 “bucket list” items is to learn how to make these cookies.  I’ve helped Mom decorate them for years but I’ve never made the dough, rolled it out, cut out the shapes, or baked them.  These cookies are a big deal in my family so I want to learn how to make them too!

I iced the cookies

Riley and Michael decorated

Saturday morning the whole family came over for a big brunch.  After brunch we visited and played – the kids had this cardboard fort thing to color and play in.

Brendan, Jordan, and Tim played Brendan’s board game

something that really amazed me was how technologically-saavy my little cousins are

they are rockstars with the iPods and iPhones

later that afternoon we opened presents – a wild and crazy event!

as we waited to countdown to New Year’s Eve we played games…


and did “real magic”

as we neared midnight (or in our case with small children…9 pm) we poured our “midnight drink” (Jackson’s term for sparkling cider)

pretty bubbles

then we counted down to the new year

Sunday after church we ate lunch and visited before heading off to our respective homes.  It was a great weekend spent with lots of family.



  1. Elizabeth Riley says:

    We love reading your blog! Miller Ann and Jackson really love hearing what you have to say and seeing their pictures. Thanks for putting so many sweet memories into words! We love you!!

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