winter tablescape

What’s a tablescape? you ask.  Well, based on what I’ve seen around blogland it’s a decorated table.  I love a beautifully decorated table.  My mom and my mother in law both do lovely tablescapes but I’ve never tried one myself.  The biggest reason being that our table is not big enough to have decorations in the middle and still have room for all the plates.  But the other day I realized, it’s almost always just the two of us at meal times and we don’t need all four spaces at the table open.  So instead of doing an arrangement in the middle of the table, I created one on the side of the table across from where we wit since no one uses it anyway.  Sure, it’s off center, but who cares?  Now we have a pretty decorated table plus we can still fit our food and the laptop so we can watch our shows while we eat.

Also, I have very few winter decorations.  Rather than having a few small things scattered randomly around I grouped them all together to make my tablescape (WordPress doesn’t like the word tablescape and keeps autocorrecting me!).

So here’s our winter table.  Michael and I sit on this side of the table and then I put the decorations on the far side.  It’s not the best in the world – it definitely could use some varying heights – but for 5 minutes of arranging I think it’ll do (again, to quote the Nester, it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful).

the table runner is actually a curtain I found a Goodwill

snowman dishes

I may make tablescapes for every season and holiday now!



  1. I think you did a great job with your tablescape. It looks lovely for the holidays. If you ever want to look for some new items for your tablescapes in the future you should check out our Social Couture website.

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