dashing dish – my newest blog crush

I have to tell you about my newest blog crush – Dashing Dish.  I found this blog through Pinterest and over the course of several days read through all the old posts.  Does that make me a creeper?  Maybe so, but I don’t care, I love this blog so much that I just have to share it with you!

Dashing Dish is written by a super sweet girl named Katie.  She share healthy recipes, fitness tips, devotional thoughts, and of course tidbits about her life.  I was really inspired by her story about the unhealthy relationships she had experienced with food in the past and how she found health and balance – things that I’ve struggled with some too.  I also really like how she journals as she does her Bible reading and I think it’s a great way to keep your thoughts organized and focused.

Reading through her recipes makes my mouth water!  She makes all sorts of things, but I’m especially drawn to her desserts (I am such a sweets girl!), which are much healthier than many desserts you come across.  She includes both the calorie stats and the Weight Watchers Points Plus for each recipe.

I think this frozen Reese’s peanut  butter pie might be my birthday dessert this year:

[recipe and source]

I’m going to try these turtle cheesecake bars for Valentine’s:

[recipe and source]

These peanut butter swirl brownies must also be made sometime ’cause you know I love me some chocolate and peanut butter:

[recipe and source]

Michael loves chocolate chip muffins so I’m excited to try out this healthier triple chocolate chunk version:

[recipe and source]

And these peanut butter pancakes will be making an appearance on my breakfast table sometime soon:

[recipe and source]

She also makes protein shakes in all sorts of flavors.  I was a little skeptical about them but the pictures looked so good, she loves them, and other readers loved them too so I had to try them out.  She also uses a lot of peanut flour in place of peanut butter.  Y’all know I have a serious love/hate relationship with peanut butter – I love it bunches but have a hard time keeping it around because I just eat spoonfuls out of the jar.  This peanut flour gives the peanut butter flavor without as many calories, plus I’m not going to eat flour straight out of the package so not quite as tempting.  I bought the ingredients I needed for the protein shakes, ordered the peanut flour, and anxiously awaited it’s arrival so I could try it out.

Wednesday I went ahead and made a shake that didn’t need the peanut flour – a mocha flavored shake.  It was good.  Then yesterday the peanut flour came and so today I made a peanut butter butterscotch shake – AMAZING!!!  Seriously!  It was just like eating ice cream or a milkshake but so much healthier!  You HAVE to go check out her shakes – here she gives the base recipe for the shakes plus tons of flavor options (you might think the ingredients are a little strange but trust me, the end result is incredible).  I’m not kidding – the peanut butter butterscotch is to die for!  She also made a video to explain how to make a Dashing Dish protein shake.

[recipe and source]

So the protein shake recipe is a winner.  I’m excited to try some of the other flavors she suggests.  I also used my peanut flour this afternoon to make Reese’s cookie batter oatmeal (very similar to my peanut butter chocolate oatmeal recipe).  It was delicious as well – the peanut flour is also a winner in my book!

[recipe and source]

Now you probably want to lick your computer screen and you think I’m a total crazy stalker, so I’m going to end this post (and go grab some supper because all this talk of food has made me hungry!).  But first I have to tell you one more time…check out Dashing Dish (and make a shake – yum!)!

(all images in this post were taken from Dashing Dish)



  1. Holy smokes! Those milkshakes/protein shakes look amazing! I have been making smoothies for breakfast the past few weeks and needed to find a way to mix it up and cut out some of the sugar, so I think this is just what I needed! Where did you order the peanut butter flour?

  2. How wonderful…you made me smile so big! :) Thank you for the sweet words, so glad you enjoyed the protein shakes!! I cant wait to check your blog out! xo katie

  3. haha and no your not a creeper… but you can be if you want to haha ;)

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  5. Yep, I have a love affair with food. It’s so tough! Trying to find balance in order to lose baby weight so I can sympathize! :) Thanks for linking up!

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