sticky note surprises

If you’re looking for a quick (not that you’d wait ’til the last minute to do anything…), cheap, thoughtful something to do for the Valentine(s) in your life, here’s an idea.

While Michael was gone last week I wrote on/drew on some sticky notes and hid them around the apartment.  I didn’t tell him about it until he found the first one; then I only told him that there were 10 total.  He looked around and found most of them that night but there were a few that he didn’t find until several days later.  He had fun looking for the notes and (hopefully) it made him feel special and loved.

this was the first one he found – it was on his touchpad in plain sight so that he would notice it quickly

on his shirt

on the ham radio

in a drawer of t-shirts

under the pillow (this one was funny/frustrating – he pulled the covers back to get into bed and didn’t even see the note!  Then he kind of folded the covers over themselves so the note was sandwiched in the middle; I kept waiting and waiting for him to move around and see it but he didn’t so I finally had to just tell him)
in the middle of the stack of mail

inside the Ritz cracker box (I also had to tell him about this one – he got some crackers out and never saw the note, I don’t know if he just didn’t see it or if it fell to the bottom but I noticed he was eating some crackers and hadn’t said he found the note so I had to tell him to look in the box)

on the Cokes in the fridge

inside the Altoid tin

in his hat

Like I said: easy, quick, and cheap, but a fun way to say “I love you”.

after he had been hunting awhile I walked into the office and saw that he was sticking the notes all around the computer screen – I thought that was sweet :)

Happy Valentine’s Day!



  1. Great idea for valentine’s Day. When I would go out of town (years ago) , I’d leave him notes to find. The best place to “hide” them and make sure he finds them…put them on his boxers in the drawer.

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