my favorite things #16-20

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16. Gabriel Brothers (Rugged Wearhouse) – If you’ve ever read a What I Wore Wednesday post of mine then you know that a lot of my clothes come from Gabriel Bros/Rugged Wearhouse.  If you don’t know about this store, please let me enlighten you!  Some stores are called Gabriel Brothers and some are called Rugged Wearhouse, but Rugged Wearhouse is owned by Gabriel Brothers so they all have the same stuff.  When I was in Cookeville in college we had a Rugged Wearhouse.  In Lexington we had a Gabriel Brothers, and now in Bowling Green we have a Rugged Wearhouse.  Which is why many of my outfits specs say “Rugged Wearhouse (Gabriel Bros)”.

Basically Gabriel Brothers is a discount store – kind of a step down from TJ Maxx but a step up from Goodwill – the clothes aren’t pre-owned (like Goodwill) but they aren’t quite nice enough for TJ Maxx.  Many of the clothes sold at Gabriel Brothers are name brand (New York and Company, Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Loft, Express, Champion) but have something wrong with them – sometimes it’s just a label that has been put on upside down and sometimes it’s a big tear in the clothes.  So you have to hunt and look carefully at the clothes (just like any consignment/thrift store) but you can get some really nice clothes for way cheap.  I’ve definitely never spent more than $20 on one item – most are less than $10.  They also have shoes, accessories, workout clothes, and some other random things (electronics, bath and body products).  Sometimes I’ll go in and find absolutely nothing and other times I’ll find tons and tons of stuff.  That’s where I bought basically all my “teacher clothes” when I first started teaching.

They also do giveaways and run sales on top of the their already super low prices!  At the end of last year they had a giveaway and I won a Kindle!  It’s definitely worth checking out if you like to shop.


17. Brown Bear, Brown Bear – This was my favorite book when I was little and it’s still one of my favorite children’s books.  I don’t really have a reason, there isn’t even really a storyline to tell you, but it’s my favorite.  So there.


18. Rascal Flatts – You know how there are some artists that you like a few of their songs but not all of them, and then other artists where you love everything they sing – Rascal Flatts is definitely the later in my book.  I love every single song of theirs.  I’ll buy their whole album off of iTunes rather than just a few songs, if you get my drift.  If you aren’t a fan, you should be.  They are awesome.  The end.


19. Numb3rs – I love a lot of TV shows but I do believe that Numb3rs is my favorite.  If you don’t know the gist of the show, it’s about two brothers – one is a math professor and a genius, the other is a FBI agent.  Charlie, the math genius, and his fellow colleagues help Don, the FBI agent, and his team to solve crimes using math.  When I was in college I was given the first 3 seasons (high school math teacher here, remember?) but I didn’t really know anything about them, just that they had to do with using math to solve crimes.  I didn’t even open them until several years later, during my first year of teaching.  The first year of teaching is super hard.  Period.  And one of the hardest things for me was learning how to grade efficiently.  So when I gave my first round of tests, 150 or so Algebra tests, the grading was incredibly time consuming (don’t worry, I got much better and faster!) – as in it took me 5 or 6 hours to grade them.  Needing something to do to keep me busy I opened the first season of Numb3rs, stuck it in my computer, and started playing them in the background while I graded.  I was hooked.  I watched those first three seasons, then bought the other three.   Yes, I have in fact used them for educational purposes in my classroom, but mostly they are just for my own personal enjoyment.  I just love the stories, the characters, the whole thing.  I’m so sad that it’s off TV now.


20. cheese – I’m talking about a big ‘ole wedge of cheddar cheese (I actually get the 2% sharp cheddar but I couldn’t find a picture of it online).  Ever since I started South Beach many moons ago I’ve eaten blocks of cheese just about every day.  Unlike many things, I never get tired of it and it has stayed a consistent part of my diet, rather than going through phases (now just watch me start hating it tomorrow, or it be one of the foods that disgusts me when I’m pregnant, or something).  I used to buy individually wrapped pieces of cheddar cheese but now I buy the block and cut it into 1 oz portions.  Yum yum.



  1. Just wanted to say that I have been ADORING these “favorite things” posts. They definitely reveal more about you, and that is awesome. ^_^

    Also, sharp cheddar cheese is THE best.

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