birthday week!

Well I suppose birthday week is technically over (but not really because there is still one birthday celebration to be had!).  Here’s a recap:

(p.s please excuse the photo quality – about half of these are from my phone)

Last Saturday night we celebrated with my in-laws.  We had delicious doodle soup (that deserves a post all to itself someday)  and I made Dashing Dish’s Frozen Peanut Butter Pie (which I need to make again so I can take pictures and blog about it – but for now just trust me that it is amazing, and head over to her blog and check it out!).

(yep, it’s in a pi dish – Mom bought that for me a few years ago)

Monday night I made a batch of triple chocolate chunk muffins to have for my birthday breakfast on Tuesday.

breakfast Tuesday morning

I had a birthday present waiting for me at work Tuesday morning from my sweet co-worker Donna

We did things a little differently this year.  Instead of opening all my presents up at once, Michael spread them out over several days. I really liked that because it made the whole week special and I got to appreciate each gift more.

Tuesday night I got my first birthday present from Michael – the note from FedEx saying that they had tried to deliver my Erin Condren planner

I have been wanting an Erin Condren planner for months now but just couldn’t justify the cost (there were some amazing deals last fall that unfortunately I missed out on).  I didn’t have this on my list but Michael knew I really wanted one so he picked one out (the cover and personalization and everything!) and ordered if for me.  It came on Tuesday but since we live in an apartment they won’t leave anything at our door so there was just a note that they had missed us.  He was going to wait, go get it Wednesday, and give it to me then, but I came home from work and announced that I was going to order an planner that night with some of my birthday money so he had switch gears and let me know I was already getting one so I wouldn’t order it! (we both have a bad habit of trying to buy things that the other had planned to give as a gift).

Wednesday I went to pick up my planner before work and buy some beautiful matching pens to go with it – I am in love with my planner and you can count on a post in the near future giving details about it

 Wednesday night I got my second gift: a certificate to switch my blog from to just .com and to choose another host other than!  I’m excited about that (but also a little nervous because technology isn’t my thing so if you have any suggestions on how to make the switch, I’d love to hear them!)

Thursday morning Michael brought me breakfast in bed (a fried egg and a triple chocolate chunk muffin) – like I said before, we traditionally do breakfast in bed on the morning of the person’s birthday but Michael had to be at work really early Tuesday and Wednesday so we waited until Thursday to do it

on my way to work I went to Starbucks and redeemed my free birthday coffee coupon for this yummy skinny decaf mocha

Thursday afternoon Julie and Nora stopped by on their way to Alabama.  We visited and oohed and aahed over sweet Nora.

Then on Friday night Chris and Erin stopped by on their way to Mississippi to eat supper with us.  I have to say, Bowling Green has been the perfect location since lots of our friends from Lexington pass BG on their way to visit family or for work so they get to stop and see us for a bit.  I love it!

Saturday Michael took my car and washed it and cleaned the inside really well (which was so great – it was nasty!).  Saturday night we went out to eat at Longhorn and rented Breaking Dawn.  I hadn’t seen Breaking Dawn yet so I was excited to watch it – it was better than I expected!  Longhorn was delicious, as always, and since it was my birthday we splurged and got dessert.  This brownie thing was incredible!  We couldn’t stop raving over it – the brownie was super moist and soft.  I want to lick the screen just looking at the picture.


So that was birthday week in a nutshell!  We still have one more celebration to go – we’re celebrating next weekend with my family.  I love birthdays!



  1. I stumbled across your blog via Pinterest and so glad I did! It looks like you had a wonderful birthday! :)

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