What I Wore Wednesday – new TOMS edition

I finally did it.  I bought some TOMS this week.  It’s so funny how I will be indifferent or even dislike a fashion item or trend when it first comes out but the more I see it/them the more it grows on me – does that happen to anyone else?  That’s what happened with TOMS; when the first started popping up everywhere I didn’t dislike them or anything but I didn’t really think they were my type of shoe.  The more I saw them, though, the cuter I thought they were.  Several months ago I decided to try a pair on at a store in the mall and I liked the way they felt (they had more of a sole/support than I thought they would) but I thought they looked horrible on my feet (although I think that about most shoes since my feet go on for miles – size 6 shoes are just so much cuter than size 10/11!).  Saturday after I took the PRAXIS I went to mall for a little while just to browse and take a break after all the studying/school work I’ve been doing the past few weeks.  I decided to stop and try on a pair again.  And again I just didn’t think they looked as cute on my feet as they do on other peoples.  I shopped a little bit more and on my way out, I saw another TOMS display in a different store.  I went in, just to look, one last time.  The guy helping me brought out a pair of red ones for me to try and wouldn’t you know it…I liked them!  So I bought a late birthday/hooray-the-PRAXIS-is-over present.

I’m loving them!  They are so comfortable!  And since I’m loving them so much I’ve worn them every day since I bought them, so be prepared to see them a bunch this week :).  It may or may not be the case that I’ve planned all my outfits this week around these shoes…

Oh and I also found an amazing jacket at Goodwill last weekend when we celebrated Riley and my birthdays that I was pretty excited to wear this week, too (it matches my TOMS perfectly, too bad I didn’t have them the day I wore the jacket!  Maybe next week…)

Wednesday – Bible study, visiting elementary school with Daddy, church

jacket/Goodwill; shirt/Loft; jeans/Gap; shoes/Payless

I was so so excited about that jacket.  Two weeks ago when we went to celebrate our birthdays, we stopped at Goodwill for a little shopping.  It was the first Saturday of the month so it was 50% off day.  The store was crazy, and if you’ve ever been there on 50% off day you know the lines can be nuts; plus we went in the afternoon so it was pretty picked over.  So I wasn’t really expecting to find anything and I wasn’t even planning to spend a lot of time looking.  But while I was walking through two aisles of clothes this jacket just jumped out and grabbed me.  It’s so me – kind of different and vintage, but still structured – and I do love a good blazer/jacket (it looks like a blazer but it’s more of a thin cotton material).  I tried it on right there over my clothes, Mom loved it too, and so I bought it.

Thursday – practicum, first cake decorating class(!)

tank/Old Navy; cardi/Banana Republic outlet; jeans/Gap; shoes/Fergalicious via DSW
Friday – practicum
tank/Ann Taylor via Gabriel Bros; sweater/NY&Co.; jeans/Gap; shoes/Crocs
Saturday – PRAXIS, shopping, date night
t-shirt/Kohl’s???; jacket/Danskin via Walmart; skirt/NY&Co; leggings/don’t remember; shoes/Crocs
I am not in love with this frumptastic outfit, but I chose function over comfort while I took the PRAXIS.  I knew I’d probably have to park and walk a long way no campus to get to the building where the PRAXIS was held (hence the choice of Crocs).  I also wanted to be comfortable and dress in layers in case I got hot/cold (unfortunately I still didn’t dress warm enough as it was quite cold in the room where I took my test!).  Then after the test I just didn’t feel like changing into a better outfit so I stayed in this all day.
I did change shoes for our date night after I bought my TOMS that day.  (notice the tags are attached – I was still trying to decide if I liked how they looked…I chose yes, as you’ll see…)
Sunday night – church (my Sunday morning church outfit was a repeat from this Sunday)
t-shirt/JC Penney; jacket/from a friend; skirt/Goodwill; shoes/TOMS; headband/Burlington
Monday – work
dress/Target; tank/Gabriel Bros; shoes/TOMS
Tuesday – professional development for my practicum
shirt/DKNY via Gabriel Bros; cardi/Gabriel Bros; jeans/Gap; shoes/TOMS
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P.S.  I hope you all have a happy pi day.  What’s that?  You’re not a nerdy math geek like me and you don’t celebrate pi day?  How sad for you.  (In case you don’t even know what I’m talking about…pi is approximately 3.14159…today is March 14 aka 3/14 so we celebrate pi day today…this was a big deal when I was teaching and we had parties and activities and stuff).  I actually have a pi day t-shirt and a sweatshirt but I don’t know if those will make it into a What I Wore Wednesday post…


  1. Don’t you just love Toms now???? So comfy!!!!

    ck these out:


  2. I can’t make my mind up about Toms either. I keep thinking about getting a pair but just not sure. I have a pair of Sanuks that are similar and love those! Maybe I’ll try a pair of Toms now:) And Happy Pi Day!!

  3. I have the same red TOMS and I love them! So cute with your church skirt! :-)

  4. I love your response to the Toms shoes. I have felt the same way. My shoe size is a 7 1/2. They still look funny on me. ( I think ) Still, cute outfits and shoes!

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