mess free icing bags {Works for Me Wednesday}

Remember how I told you I was going to share an icing trick that would rock your world?  Well, here it is.

The backstory (because y’all know I’m wordy and have lots to say before I actually get to my tip…): I told you last week how one of the biggest downsides to the cake decorating classes that I’m taking is the insane amount of clean up involved.  The worst part is cleaning the icing bags because they get all greasy and gross and take forever to wash them out.  Last week I had six different icing bags to clean, plus couplers and tips…yuck!  My sweet husband has helped me wash them several times and we both agree that cleaning those bags is for the birds, but we’re also too cheap to buy tons of disposable ones.  Well, this weekend I found this pin on Pinterest, one that I had pinned back before I ever started my cake decorating classes and had forgotten about.

The pin was labeled “Mind Blowing Cake Decorating Tip” and that is the truth!  This is the video that was so fantastic:

Isn’t that amazing?  I was so super excited to try this method out when I made my cupcakes Sunday afternoon.  I tried not to get too excited in case it didn’t work out, but guess what?  It worked perfectly!

I made my icing

and tinted it the color I wanted

I laid a piece of Saran wrap on the table and blobbed my icing on it

I spun the Saran wrap and rolled it up like in the video

Put it into my bag

pulled the Saran wrap through the tip

cut it off and rubber banded the end

and iced my cupcakes

When I was finished with the blue I just un-rubberbanded the end, pulled the Saran wrapped icing tube out, and threw it away.  The tip had a little icing in it so I rinsed that off, but the bag had NO ICING on it!  I was able to then make a little Saran wrap package of the next color, slide it in, and I was good to go.  I used four different colors of icing in that one bag using that same method, and all I had to wash at the end was my tip – the bag was still clean!  Amazing!

It was a little hard (but definitely not harder than washing all those bags at the end!) to get the Saran wrapped end through the tip, but this tip is too big for a coupler so I had to drop it down in the bag first then put the icing in.  This would be even easier if you use a coupler (like she did in the video) then just pull the Saran wrap end through the coupler, clip it, and screw the tip on.

Also, twisted end of the Saran wrap plus the rubberband on the end prevented any icing from spouting out the top, which was another messy problem I had.

Using this method of icing my cupcakes/cakes definitely works for me!

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  1. That’s a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  2. cool tip! I hardly ever ice cupcakes, but will certainly try this next time i do!

  3. I saw this pin too! I really never make cakes or cupcakes. I actually don’t even think I have an icing bag thingy, but I thought if I ever start it is a cool tip.

  4. Seriously, that is the best tip ever! Found you through WFMW. If you like baking, and have a favorite cake, you might want to enter it here ( for a chance to win some sweet swag!

    Have a great day!

  5. This is awesome! I LOVE that you’re taking this class! :)
    One Chatty Chic

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