What I Wore Wednesday

Wednesday – Bible study, work, church

cardi/Banana Republic outlet; shirt/Banana Republic outlet; jeans/F21; shoes/Qupid via Rugged Wearhouse (Gabriel Bros); headband/Gussy Sews

I was so excited to wear my new Gussy Sews headband!  I’ve been drooling over Maggie’s headbands (along with everything else in her shop) forever and so I finally ordered one.  Check out those ruffles!  And the polka dots!  How adorable?!?  Love it.

Thursday – work, cake decorating class

jacket/Goodwill; skirt/Loft; skirt/NY&Co.; shoes/TOMS via Journey’s

This is my outfit fail of the week.  I can’t really pinpoint what I don’t like about this outfit, but something is off.

Friday I was off work again so it was another workout clothes/pj day while I worked on my portfolio (I’m thisclose to being done with my portfolio and this semester!  Just a few more little things to wrap up – hooray!)

Saturday morning – Fundamental Truths seminar at church

shirt/Gabriel Bros; tank/Gabriel Bros; jeans/F21; sandals/Targetl bracelet/gift

It was actually a little too cold outside to wear short sleeves and sandals, but I had gotten so used to the warm weather that I didn’t even think to check before I walked out the door!  Oops.

Saturday night – date night: dinner and Hunger Games!

long sleeved shirt/Limited; Hunger Games shirt/made by me; jeans/F21; shoes/TOMS via Journey’s

The Hunger Games was great!  It wasn’t 100% like the book (what movie ever is?) but it was pretty close and it definitely left me excited about the next movie!  (If you don’t know about The Hunger Games, check out my book review here)

Sunday morning – church

shirt/Belk; skirt/TJ Maxx; shoes/Loft; necklace; Burlington Coat Factory

What are your thoughts on this?  The shirt is black and purple, the heels are black, and the skirt is navy blue…I’m trying new things and mixing colors that I have considered no-no’s in the past (brown and black, black and dark blue, etc.) and I’m not sure if this outfit works.  I know it’s hard to tell in this picture, but what do you think?  Should I have gone with a black skirt instead?

(Sunday night I just exchanged my skirt for jeans and my heels for flats and added a cardigan…you can partially see that here if you are really curious)

Monday – practicum

Earth Day t-shirt/ordered through the school; jeans/Gap; shoes/TOMS via Journey’s; headband/Gussy Sews

Tuesday – work

pants/Kohl’s; top/Loft outlet; cardigan/Gap via Goodwill; shoes/Keds via Shoe Carnival

There’s a story behind that side ponytail but I don’t have time to tell it now.  Hopefully tomorrow.

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