sock bun hair fail

Thanks to Pinterest I’ve learned all kinds of new hair tricks.  A while back I showed you the no-heat headband curls that I tried out.  Another no-heat method that was circulating around that same time was the sock bun curl method.  Based on the pictures from Pinterest, this is what you should expect to get with sock bun curls:


So I bought some socks and rolled them up the way the instructions say, and I tried to put my hair up in the sock bun but my hair was too short (this was several months ago).  This week on a whim I decided to try again since my hair is longer now.  I put my hair into the bun, slept on it, and when I woke up, this is what happened:

The picture doesn’t even do it justice.  It was so huge and puffy!  My hair is naturally very flat and fine so I’m not used to a lot of volume.  I felt like I had a lion’s mane.  Michael called it Dolly Parton hair.  While I love Dolly, her look is not exactly what I’m going for…

this is my usual (very flat) hair

In addition to being huge only parts were curled while other parts were straight.

Looking at these pictures it doesn’t look as bad as I thought that morning.  I don’t know if it was just because I’m not used to having such big hair or what, but this look was not for me.

It’s fun to try, but I can now conclude that the sock bun method is not for me!  Have any of you tried this method?  If so, what results did you get?



  1. I love doing the sock bun curls! It does take some trial and error but I’ve had some awesome curls (my co-workers swear I’ve been to the salon!) I think your hair looks cute… Def think it has to be bc you’re not used it…. I felt the same way with my fine/flat hair at first. Please post if you give it another try!!

  2. I tried this too and mine looked horrible. From these pics I think yours looks good. I think the longer your hair is the better it turns out for sure. I could barely get my hair to stay in so maybe I’ll try it again next year. :)

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