Tedd Arnold author visit + a Fly Guy cake

Today was my last day at my practicum.  It has been such a great experience and I am so sad to leave.  The teachers and staff at Warren Elementary have been wonderful and fun to work with.  I learned so much and had a blast!

At least I picked an exciting event to have as my last day – today Tedd Arnold, author and illustrator, came and spoke at our school!  He writes and illustrates children’s books such as:





(see a complete list of Tedd Arnold’s books here)

We had a luncheon in the library today in between his presentations.  I used my newly acquired cake decorating skills to make the dessert.  I decided to make a cake with Fly Guy on it; I used this Fly Guy illustration as my guide.


And here’s my version:

Whaddya think?  I’m pretty please with how it turned out.

I even got a “fancy” cardboard box from Hobby Lobby so it would look all professional and stuff…

I figured the cake wouldn’t be enough to serve all the people that would be there so I also made a batch of chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream icing (the buttercream icing was so delicious – I can’t wait to share that recipe with you!)

I’m glad I made both because every single crumb got eaten up at lunch!

With Tedd Arnold himself – what a nice guy!

displays of Tedd Arnold books made out of the flyswatters the students decorated as an activity to get ready for Tedd Arnold’s visit (to go along with his book Fly Guy Versus The Flyswatter)

We had a book fair this week so that the kids (and adults!) could buy books.  Tedd Arnold was so kind and autographed each one with personalization.

I got three books

I may be 25 but it still thrills me to have a book personally autographed by a real live author

His presentation was excellent.  He was so down to earth and funny – the kids absolutely loved him!  He told all kinds of neat stories about how he came up with the ideas for his books.  I love hearing the background behind the books!  I think I was as enthralled as the kids.  I’m so glad I got to hear him speak.

What a fun day!



  1. Michelle says:

    No way! Did you see the pics I posted where Shelby made a Fly Guy pumpkin for school? My little first grader won grand prize for her creation.

  2. Your cake looked precious and so professional!

  3. Super impressed with that cake! I love meeting authors and having books signed- its the best! I heard my fave author, Shauna Niequist, speak at church in Dec. and she signed me books. I was so starstruck haha

  4. Well, boy howdy (did I just say that?), you did an amazing job! Way to go!

    Seriously, I would not have thought your skills were “newly acquired” at all.

    This cake looks done by a pro!

    Thanks for linking up at Feature Friday FREE-FOR-ALL!


  5. Thanks for all the sweet comments, guys!

  6. Liz King says:

    Your cake was awesome!

  7. amazing! I’m going to feature this by itself on Facebook tomorrow! Fabulous job!
    One Chatty Chic

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