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I’ve told you before about my bloggy friend (and real-life friend) Amber (I’ve borrowed her Pinteresting Tuesday idea a few times).  Well another party she links up to is High Five for Friday – something hosted by Lauren at From My Grey Desk (who happens to be the sister of Kate from The Small Things Blog aka my biggest hair-crush ever…small blogging world!).  Did you follow that?  Anyway, the point of the party is to link up your five favorite recent things.  I wanted to join in on the fun, so…


Today I’m headed to Cookeville (where I went to college) to visit my friend Anne (who also went to TTU and is now a teacher in Cookeville).  I’m super excited to have some fun girl time!


I’ve mentioned my love for pens before but I just have to mention it again.  Especially because I am super-loving these Sharpie retractable pens.  Several weeks ago Michael was using one in church.  I had never seen one before so I borrowed it and gave it a try.  And found it to be awesome.  Fortunately my husband loves me very much and gave it to me (I think he had others at home, but we’ll pretend it was a huge sacrifice…shh) and I’ve been using tons ever since.  I also like the Sharpie pens with the caps – he gave me some of those for my birthday last year and I use them a lot too.  The best part is that they don’t bleed!


After six months of living in Bowling Green and visiting tons of churches, we’ve finally settled on a new church home.  We officially placed membership this week and it’s nice to have a place to call home.  We’re excited to get involved.  P.S. Be looking for a post coming soon on things to do and not to do to welcome visitors to your church…a compilation of all our church-visiting experiences.


These Belvita cracker/cookie things are awesometastic.  Renee, the librarian I did my practicum with, introduced me to them and now Michael and I can’t get enough!  There are 4 cookies (they call them breakfast biscuits, but they don’t seem biscuit-y to me) in a package so it’s a pretty big amount of food – I usually divide them in half and will have 2 cookies for a snack.  Sometimes Michael eats them for breakfast.  The blueberry ones are our favorite.


Now that school is over, I actually have time to read for fun (i.e. not a textbook) again.  In January I started watching the tv show The Firm, based off John Grisham’s book.  I really liked it, but decided I wanted to read the book first.  Michael bought it for me for Valentine’s Day and I hadn’t had a chance to read it until last week.  I finally got to read it and I loved it!  I’ve gone back and watched all the tv episodes (but just in case you wondered, the tv show picks up 10 years after where the book left off, so the characters are the same but the plot is different.  I thought it would be the same story as the book but it wasn’t.  It’s still good, though).  I also loaded up with John Grisham books last weekend while we were at my in-law’s.

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  1. Yeah for a girl weekend! have fun!!

  2. I have got to try one of those Sharpie pens. I do love a good pen.

  3. I feel ya on #3! R and I ‘church shopped’ for about a year. Boy, do we have some interesting stories! HA

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