High Five for Friday

Yay for Friday!  Here are some things I’m excited about:

1. After reading my post from last Friday about loving my Sharpie pens, my sweet husband went out and bought me a pack that had more colors: purple, orange, and green.  He had them laying on my placemat as a surprise when I got home from Cookeville on Saturday.  What a sweetheart!  I’ve been putting them to work take notes at church this week and I’m still just so amazed that they don’t bleed!

2. Tonight we are having a scrapbook night at church.  If you only know me through my blog (and not in real life) then you probably don’t know that I love to scrapbook.  I’ve been scrapbooking since middle school and I usually stay pretty current, but I actually haven’t scrapbooked anything since I started this blog (and thus haven’t talked about it much on here) – partly because I’m posting my pictures and memories here, but also because at our house in Lexington, I had a table in the office where my scrapbook stuff could stay laid out all the time, so anytime I had some spare time or we were watching some tv at night, I could work on a page or two.  Now that we’ve moved to a townhouse there is no room to leave my stuff out, and I just haven’t felt like hauling it all out then having to pack it all right back up as soon as we want to use the kitchen table again.  So, I haven’t scrapbooked anything from July to now (which for me is very behind).  I’ve printed out pictures from July to Christmas and I hope to get a bunch of that knocked out tonight.

3. Then tomorrow we are going to Lexington for my friend Amanda’s baby shower.  I’m excited to see everyone!

4. Every once and a while I get tired of the same ole turkey bacon and egg routine that I’ve eaten for breakfast the majority of the days since I started being concerned about my health 6 years ago, so I’ll get on a cereal or oatmeal kick for a while.  I decided this week that I was ready for a breakfast variation so I tried out this blueberry, banana, and walnut baked oatmeal.  It’s just a tad too banana-y for me, but other than that I love it!  I have two other flavors of baked oatmeal that I’m looking forward to trying after I finish up this pan.

5. Listening to audiobooks: I love audiobooks and think they are a great way to “read” a book while still doing other things.  The summer after we bought our house in Lexington, I spent days cleaning every inch of that place, including wiping down every last blind on the windows, and while I cleaned I listened to audiobooks.  I was able to read and be productive!  I also always download one to listen to when I have to drive somewhere (like 2 hours or longer) by myself.  In preparation for my trip to Cookeville I downloaded a book to read.  I then realized that I could also listen to my book at work!  A lot of what I do for the professors I work for is data entry, which doesn’t require reading (I can’t listen to a book or music if I have to read anything, but I’m able to do math/look at numbers and listen to books or music).  So off and on this week at work I’ve been listening to my books – I’ve finished two and have started on a third.  What a great discovery!

And here’s a little bonus fact that goes along with #5.  It’s kind of an embarrassing confession: my secret indulgence is reading (or listening to) Christian romance novels.  They are so cliche and so predictable, but I love them!  It’s always the same: boy and girl have some sort of conflict that keeps them apart, usually one either is not a Christian or has fallen away but finds God during the course of the book, and then they get married and live happily ever after.  But I love them!  They are so sweet, not at all raunchy, and they have a good message.  I’ve read just about every Christian fiction author out there and maybe someday I’ll share a list of my favorites.

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