I made clothes today!

Today this sewing novice tried something new: making clothes!  I’ve had this DIY maxi dress tutorial pinned on Pinterest for a while now so today I decided to finally get down to making it.


I decided to use a t-shirt that I already had rather than a tank top.  Fabric happened to be 30% off at Hobby Lobby this week – I ended up spending about $9.00 on fabric and $1.00 for the elastic thread, so this dress cost me $10.00 (not counting the t-shirt since I’ve had it for years).

It was not quite as easy as I expected, but really the only part I had problems with was getting the elastic thread to work right so the dress gathered around my waist.  The comments left on the tutorial I used sounded like a lot of people had the same problem as me.  Other than the thread giving me some fits, it wasn’t too hard.

Here’s what I ended up with:

 What do you think?  It’s definitely not perfect, but I’m pretty pleased since it was my first clothes-making attempt.  It’s actually too big, but fortunately the belt helps cinch it in.  I think that it’s too big at the waist since I used a lot of fabric so that it would be wide enough at the bottom for me to easily take a step.  Even though the elastic thread ruffled it up some at the top so the waist was smaller, it was still bigger than what I would normally wear.  I want to make another one that is shorter (like the second dress from LeAna’s tutorial) and I think that since I won’t have to make it so wide at the bottom, I can use less fabric and then it will fit better at the waist.

I also didn’t hem it because it was just long enough and I was afraid hemming it would make it too short, but hopefully that part isn’t too noticeable.

Anyway, so that was my Friday project.  I’m pretty proud and I feel much more confident about making clothes now!  I’m looking forward to making another dress similar to this one, and I’m also working on some other clothes ideas in my head right now so hopefully I’ll have some fun projects to share with you soon.



  1. This is cool, how long did it take you? Whenever I’m doing thing like that it takes me ages and I end leaving it nd going back to it.

  2. Rita Burchett says:

    Cute. How will you keep the hem from raveling when you wash it?

  3. Very cute! I have only been able to sew blankets and things that are square. I’m hoping to try and make a skirt this summer. Thanks for the inspiration, Caitlin!

  4. hey there!!

    your dress looks great!! thanks for linking me to your blog so i could see it. so happy the tutorial worked out for you!! i love to see what people have come up with!! and i LOVE the polka dot fabric!!

  5. Jessica Dean says:

    You did a great job Caitlin! It’s beautiful!

  6. VERY cute!!! :)

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