Wilton cake decorating {Works for Me Wednesday}

I know, I know, you’re tired of all my cake decorating posts.  But this is my last big one, promise!  Tonight was the last class for the Wilton cake decorating Course 2 so I wanted to share what I did and do a little wrap up post.

First, here’s a recap:

I’ve been wanting to take cake decorating classes (taught at places like Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, and Jo Ann’s) since last summer but wasn’t able to until recently because of the move.  I finally signed up to take the Wilton Course 1 in March and then once that was finished I decided to take Course 2 in April.

Course 1 Week 1 we learned how to make buttercream icing, some tips for baking cake, how to tint icing, and how to use the star tip on our piping bags

Course 1 Week 2 we had to bring our baked cakes with us.  We then learned how to level the cakes, fill them, and ice the cake.  Then we learned a few more tips to use to decorate the cake.

Course 1 Week 3 we learned how to ice cupcakes, make leaves, make shaggy mums, and flowers

Thanks to Pinterest I learned a fantastic icing tip that I used to make these semi-healthy chocolate cupcakes

I used my new skills to make a Fly Guy cake for Tedd Arnold’s author visit

Course 1 Week 4 we learned how to make roses and how to write on cakes

Course 2 Week 1 we learned how to use gum paste and fondant to make flowers

Course 2 Week 2 we learned how to use royal icing to make various flowers – primrose, apple blossoms, and rose buds

Course 2 Week 3 we learned more royal icing flowers – another rose, daffodil, violet, and lilies

And finally, this week… (Course 2 Week 4)

Tonight we learned how to do basket weave and used the flowers we made the last two weeks to decorate our cake.  I actually really liked the basket weave – I thought it was hard at first but I got the hang of it pretty fast.  I didn’t have the tip they suggested so my weave was quite a bit fatter than it should have been if I had used the right tip.  Also, basket weave uses a lot of icing and I ran out, so…

only half of the cake had basket weave and the other half was decorated with swirls and flowers – not exactly the prettiest thing ever but it was good to practice different methods

After tonight, I’m done with the cake decorating classes (at least for now).  I’ll definitely continue using what I’ve learned to make cakes and cupcakes and things, but I’m not interested in learning more about fondant (which is what Courses 3 and 4 cover).

I definitely recommend taking Course 1.  I had a blast during my classes and I think Course 1 covers the essential that will get you started making beautiful cakes, even if you only ever plan to make cakes for your own family.  Prior to this class the only “decorating” I did was to messily spread store-bought icing on crumbly cakes – I’ve come a long way from that!

Course 2 was only so-so for me.  I had fun, but the things we learned were not things that I will probably use much.  I doubt I will have much use for royal icing flowers (you never know, though) but I did enjoy learning how to make them.  I do think the basket weave was a useful skill, so I’m glad I got to learn that.  But my recommendation would be to take Course 1 but not worry about the other courses unless you are really serious about it (or just really enjoy it, of course!).

And there you have it.  Thanks for taking this cake decorating journey with me.

These cake decorating classes have definitely worked for me!

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  1. Loved your bakes, they looked great!

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