I know I’ve bragged on Michael before, but I just have to dedicate another post to some of the wonderful things he does for me.  This is just a list of things that he’s done for me over the past few months that have been so sweet:

  • When I came home after taking my Praxis, there was a vase of flowers waiting for me on the table.
  • A week or so later we were at the grocery and they had a bunch of buttercups (one of my favorites) so Michael bought me some of those, too.
  • He knows that one of my major love languages is getting gifts, so he’ll randomly bring me little presents: a Cadbury egg, a Diet Coke, my Sharpie pens, etc.
  • When he went on a work trip to Murfreesboro a few weeks ago and I had to stay here, he sent me letters in the mail from his hotel.  It was such a surprise to get those letters in the mail that week!  He also left a letter for me in the love journal in my car for me to find the first morning after he left.

And these are just a few examples that I really wanted to write down and remember, he also does all kinds of things on a regular basis like take my What I Wore Wednesday pictures, carry things for me, wash the yucky dishes, eliminate all rodents/bugs, resolve all plumbing issues, deal with the stressful tax/bill/house stuff, repair our cars, fix/update all technology, and chauffeur me around.

I’d say I’m spoiled, but really I’m just very blessed with a wonderful, thoughtful husband.


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