I did it!  I graduated!  When I started the program last January I thought it would take forever; now I’m amazed at how fast it seemed to go and that I’m done.  Wow.

I didn’t walk at my undergraduate graduation but I for sure wanted to walk for my master’s, so here’s a recap:

getting all my garb on

(I just now noticed while looking at this picture that I still have a snowman decorate out…and it’s May.  Oops, no idea how that slipped by me)

Showing off my “wings”.  I always thought that master’s gowns just had those weird wing things, but then I found out that you’re actually supposed to put your hands all the way to the end of the closed sleeve, and the hole is for your elbow to bend!  I’ve never seen anyone wear it that way but it makes since due to where the seam is on the sleeve, but how weird is that?  How would you use your hands?

my hood – yellow is for library media (my concentration of study), red is for WKU (my college)

Daddy brought his super long zoom lens to graduation and was able to get some really close-up pictures!

walking in

waving at our families

lining up for our diplomas

getting my diploma – wanna know what it said….

yep, just a rolled up piece of paper telling us how to get our diplomas, how to change our address, and how to get copies of the pictures that were taken.  My real diploma will be mailed later.

the most supportive husband ever! – he definitely deserves some sort of award, because it took a lot of work on his part as well for me to go back to school

pretty flowers from Michael

And now I have my master’s!


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