High Five for Friday

Hip hip hooray for Friday!  Here are my top 5:

1. We’re leaving for Chicago today!  Yay!  And this is not a work trip – it’s a 100% fun trip.  We’ll just be there from tonight until Tuesday morning, so it’s not a super long trip but I know it’s going to be a blast!  I can’t wait for the sight seeing, shopping, and food.

2. Lord willing, we will be house-less by the end of the day!  We overnighted the closing papers last night and the new owners should close today.  Having our house sold will be such a relief, so send up a prayer today that all goes through smoothly.  Then that means we get to start house-hunting here!  Double yay!

3. I checked another thing off my 2012 bucket list this week – making bread.  A friend from church brought me some starter  and I used it to make two loaves of Amish Friendship Bread…which were pretty good if I do say so myself!  I didn’t post a step-by-step this time, but in case you’re interested, this recipe was used for the starter and I used this recipe for the bread (minus the dates).  She also brought me some sourdough starter Wednesday night so when we get home from Chicago I’m going to tackle my first attempt at sourdough bread.

4. We’ve been enjoying some cookie monsters this week (warm chocolate chip cookie with ice cream and chocolate syrup)

5. In the fall I won a Kindle through a contest at Rugged Wearhouse…but it hadn’t been taken out of its box until this week (think grad school had anything to do with that?).  Now, I’m not 100% sold on this whole Kindle/iPad/Nook thing – I prefer the feel and smell of real (read: paper) books, plus I’m very visual so I like to see the cover.  However, lugging a laundry basket full of books on vacation (which is exactly what my parents did for their three avid readers) is a bit inconvenient.  So for traveling and simplicity, I am happy to have a Kindle.

Oh and just for kicks I have to share this pin with you:

I laughed and laughed when I saw this!  As a math nerd and a former math teacher, I love a good word problem…if I’m ever back in a math classroom again I’m definitely making this into a poster for my room!

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  1. Enjoy Chicago! I lived there for four years – it’s an amazing city! Happy weekend! xoxo

  2. fiestytempest says:

    YUM. That looks like something I ate at Red Lobster…absolutely delicious, I’m having an insane craving for it now. *sigh*

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