Pinteresting Tuesday: quilt edition

Now that I’ve started doing this block of the month, I’ve been bitten by the quilting bug.  I have no idea if/when I’ll ever get around to making all the quilts that I’d like to make, but here are some beauties that I’ve seen on Pinterest that are on my to-do list.


I adore this stack of books quilt!  How perfect is this to keep on your favorite reading chair to wrap up in while curled up with a good book?  It doesn’t look all that difficult either, so I’d say this one is definitely going to get made!

Source: via Caitlin on Pinterest


Stars are one of my favorite shapes, and kind of the “theme” of my living room, so these starflower quilts make me so happy.


And I found this really great tutorial to help get me started.


chevron quilt


supposedly you can make this quilt all in one night


I for realz want some quilted stockings some day

Source: via Caitlin on Pinterest


different but cool

Are you inspired yet?



  1. Those are so pretty! I love quilts (especially the non traditional types) and have dreamed of becoming a quilter. Then I realized I kind of hate sewing. I’m hoping it will be something I will grow into one day. For now I will stick to knitting, crochet and drooling over gorgeous quilts! Can’t wait to see yours when it is done!

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