our wedding

Three years ago today (can it really have already been three years?)…

this girl

and this guy

got hitched!

In honor of our anniversary here’s a look into our big day (note: these are mostly pictures of the stuff, not the people, because I know many people are not comfortable having their pictures posted all over the place…so I’m trying to keep that to a minimum).

I really wanted to get married in front of a lake, but there weren’t really any good places within driving distance and we decided we’d rather have more people get to come and not get married at a lake than to have our ideal location but lots of people have to miss because of the distance.  But we were able to find somewhere with a nice creek behind us.  We got married at The Rawlings in Joelton, TN and it was truly the perfect day.  The weather was beautiful, it wasn’t too hot, and the rained held off until everyone had left.  It was casual and fun (at least for me, I sure hope it was for everyone else!).

here comes the bride

Michael had to win a game of paper, rock, scissors in order for Kelly to marry usI sure am glad he won!

The flowers that the flower girls dropped were dried petals from every rose Michael ever gave me.   Many years ago my mom suggested that I always keep the flowers given to me by a boyfriend and then someday if we got married I could use them in the wedding.  So I saved all those roses and it was so special on our wedding day that the rose petals came from years of bouquets.

these sweet little girls did a magnificent job dropping those special petals

Miller decided she didn’t want to walk back out, so K.C. had to carry her

Speaking of Miller…

I can’t believe how little she is in these pictures!  She sure has changed a lot in three years!

Brendan and Riley, along with some of the other kids at church who are near to my heart, sang as the parents and grandparents were seated

After the wedding we posed in the creek

 Instead of a traditional guestbook, I made scrapbook pages using our wedding colors with lined paper for guests to sign.  Then later when I scrapbooked our wedding, I mixed the signed scrapbook pages in among the pictures of the reception.  Now our “guestbook” and pictures are all in once place.

yummy cake

a display of pictures of us through the years

I decided to use one of my favorite flowers rather than wear a veil

I was over the moon with my flowers.  A friend from high school did them and they were gorgeous!

We covered candy with personalized labels for favors.

our ringsI have no idea what was going on here…true wedding goofiness, I suppose

Happy three year anniversary to my best friend!



  1. everydayepicdesigns says:

    Happy anniversary to you both! Your wedding looks like it was adorable! (I love the cake – so simple and classy!)

  2. Elizabeth Riley says:

    Oh Caitlin!! This made me cry!! It was such a beautiful wedding and we were so honored that our little Miller could be a part of it. Your wedding is in the list of some of my favorite memories. You were a beautiful bride and every detail of the celebration was so beautifully planned and meaningful! Love you and happy anniversary!

  3. Liz King says:

    I remember the day well! What a perfect pair. We love you!

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