What I Wore Wednesday: Chicago clothes-fail edition

This week’s edition features the outfits I wore on our Chicago trip (which I haven’t blogged about yet, so you get a little sneak peek through these pictures).  However, the outfits I planned on wearing in Chicago aren’t exactly the outfits I ended up wearing…

I had several cute little sundresses packed to wear on our trip.  After the first day of tons of walking and tons of sweating, I realized those dresses just weren’t going to cut it.  Luckily I had the workout clothes that I had packed (intended to workout at the hotel, not realizing that we would walk so much during the day that there was no way I was also going to workout in the gym), however they weren’t quite as attractive as I would have liked (and I had to break my no t-shirt rule).  But I’m being honest so here’s what I wore:

Friday we flew to Chicago and got there really late so we just went straight to the hotel.  I wore this dress but forgot to take a picture.  I’m still loving it, even though it restricts my stride a little because it doesn’t stretch; plus random people comment on how cute it is which makes me happy :)

Saturday – sightseeing in Chicago

dress/Loft outlet; cardi/Loft outlet; shoes/Crocs

Halfway through the day we had to go back to the hotel to change out of my Crocs because they were rubbing blisters all over my feet.  They are normally comfy but apparently not for walking long distances.  I was so thankful I threw my TOMS is my suitcase at the last minute because I wore them with everything (whether they matched or not!) the rest of the trip.

Sunday I had a cute new dress that I wore to church (that was a crazy adventure that I’ll tell you about later!) but by the time we got back I was all sweaty and didn’t take a picture so you’ll just have to see that outfit another time.

This is what I wore the rest of the day Saturday

t-shirt/school; capris/Columbia outlet; shoes/TOMS via Journey’s

You can’t really see the lettering in this picture but I was proud to represent Warren Elementary all the way to Chicago

Monday – more sightseeing in Chicago

t-shirt/church camp; jacket/Columbia; capris/Columbia outlet; shoes/TOMS via Journey’s

It went from super hot temperatures Saturday and Sunday to quite cool temperatures on Monday and I had to wear a jacket all day.

I bought two paris of these workout pants at the outlet mall in Gatlinburg last week and now I wish I had bought more – they are very comfortable!

Tuesday – flight home

dress/Old Navy; purple top under/Loft outlet; cardi/Loft outlet; shoes/Target; necklace/Rugged Wearhouse (Gabriel Bros)

And there you have it – not exactly what I had planned to wear on our trip, but sometimes you just have to choose comfort over style.

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