just like Kermit

As in, it’s not easy being green.  I have yet to successfully keep a plant around, so here’s to hoping that this endeavor goes better than all previous attempts.

Yesterday we got started on another one of my 2012 bucket list items: grow something.

Due to our current apartment dwelling situation, we decided to go pretty minimal with our “garden” this year – just some tomatoes, herbs, and an aloe plant.  We got everything purchased and planted yesterday and sat it out on our patio with hopes that it will receive enough sun each day to thrive.  Fingers crossed.

our supplies

better boy tomatoes

cherry or grape tomatoes (I’m not sure which, or really even how to tell the difference)

oregano, sweet basil, chives, and parsley

sweet mint, rosemary, and lemon thyme (plus room for one more – I’d like some dill but haven’t been able to find any yet)

plus an aloe plant that is hanging out in the kitchen waiting for a pot

Now let’s hope I can complete my bucket list item and actually get my plants to grow…


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