it’s a love story, baby just say yes

Four years ago yesterday Michael asked me to marry him…and I said yes.  I’ll save the proposal story for another day, but today I wanted to share with you some of our engagement pictures.

These were taken by friends of ours from college, Zach and Sarah.  If you live in the Cookeville/Knoxville/Nashville, TN area and need a photographer I highly recommend you check them out! (here is their website and Facebook page)  They are so fun to work with and do an excellent job!  These are by far my favorite pictures of us ever (yes, even including our wedding pictures).

it’s more awkward and much harder to hold a kiss for the camera than one might think…

and to hold that crouched position for so long…

coolest picture ever

this scary goose didn’t like us getting close to her babies so she chased us – yikes!

All of our pictures were taken in Cookeville, TN – most of them on Tech’s campus, where we went to school (Tennessee Tech University).



  1. Liz King says:

    Enjoyed the pictures!

  2. Those ARE amazing – that walking kiss one is so cute! I love how they used some really cool effects without them coming off as cheesy at all. You picked your photographer very well!

  3. Love these photos! Thanks for the recommendation…I’m looking for a photographer now !! ;)

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