the next chapter

This past year has brought more changes than I ever expected.  Most have been wonderful changes, but life is definitely different than I ever would have expected a year ago.

So now it’s time to move on to the next chapter…

Yesterday I signed the paperwork and made it official…this next school year I’ll be the library media specialist at an elementary school here in BG!!!!!!  I am so so excited!  This is all so new to me – I’m going from high school math to elementary librarian….but I couldn’t be happier.  I can’t wait to see what this next year will hold!


Ok, if all you wanted was the announcement, then I give you permission to leave now.  However, just for my own memories for later (and in case any of my newer readers want to catch up on my life) I’m going to give an overview of the events that led me here. (I’ll try to keep it short, but you know how I am…)


Let’s start back at graduation…I graduated in 2009 with my undergraduate degree in secondary education in mathematics.  We got married right after graduation and moved to Lexington.  I taught high school math in Lexington the 2009-2010 school year and the 2010-2011 school year (and the beginning of the 2011-2012 school year…more on that in a sec).

In Kentucky, you are required to get a masters within 10 years of starting teaching, and you have to have at least half of it done by the end of your first five years.  So I knew I needed to get a masters in something, and that I wanted to go ahead and get it done, but I wasn’t quite sure what to get it in…all I had ever planned to do was to teach math.

One area that I thought sounded like a good fit was library science/library media education.  I’ve always loved to read so that’s right up my alley, however, I had the impression of school libraries (especially high school) as being boring, un-fun, quiet places so I didn’t really think I’d want to work in one.  That changed during my first and especially my second year (different school, different library) as I realized that I had apparently just had a not-so-great library experience and in fact, high school libraries can be so wonderful.  That started my wheels turning that this might just be the right thing for me.  The more I thought about it, the more the idea grew on me.

So halfway through my second year of teaching (January 2011), I started the online library media education program through WKU.  I took two classes in the spring, five over the summer (one in May, two in June, two in July), three in the fall, did my practicum this Spring (2012), and then graduated!  I just wanted to get done with school so I powered through the program in 15 months (I do NOT recommend that, especially if you have a full time job).

The more I did with the program, the more I visited the library at the high school I worked at, the more I loved it.  Then the more time I spent with my practicum (which was at an elementary school), the more I realized how much I enjoyed working at an elementary school!

I started off my third year of teaching (this school year: 2011-2012) this past fall, but then Michael got a new job, we left our jobs in Lexington, and we moved to Bowling Green.  You can read more detail here, but basically everything worked out perfectly because I did school full time for the rest of the fall semester, got to travel with Michael, in the spring I got a part time job working at WKU, and completed my practicum (all things that wouldn’t have been able to happen very easily if I had gotten a teaching job right away when we moved).


So that brings us to the here and now.  I’m enjoying my class-free, school-free summer for the next few weeks, and then I start the next chapter as an elementary librarian!  God is good!



  1. Liz King says:

    He is indeed!

  2. Found you through WIWW, and as a fellow librarian, I had to read all of this. I have worked in a library since high school and also taught elementary school. I am now a children’s program librarian and have my School Library Media license. Congrats! Libraries are so fun and I bet you will love your new job!

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