High Five for Friday

It’s Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday!  Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend! (this has to be one of the most ridiculous songs ever but the chorus gets stuck in my head every week when I write my High Five for Friday post)

Anywho, here are some of my happies from this week.

1. I got to see my library this week (aka my new home away from home).  I went by the school to pick my keys and such and so I got to check out the media center – y’all I have a classroom, an office, a computer lab, a puppet theater(!), and of course the main area where the books are.  It’s going to be so much fun!

2. The house hunt continues but is going fairly well.  We haven’t settled on one or made an offer or anything yet, but we’ve found a few possibilities that we like and we still have several on our list to see.  This makes me very optimistic about our options.

3. One of the requirements before starting my job is to get a physical, which is no big deal and I’d been meaning to get one soon anyway…but I didn’t realize that the physical was also going to include blood work.  So yesterday morning I had to go get my blood drawn and that is not one of my favorite things.  That is in fact one of my very least favorite things.  But the good news is that I survived, it wasn’t awful, I didn’t cry, and I didn’t pass out.  And I’m super glad that’s over.

4. Want to know the best thing to see first thing in the morning on your phone?  A picture of a brand new baby that was born during the night!  Saturday morning I woke up to a text from Erin of a picture of baby Noah…he decided to make his appearance very early Saturday morning.  What an exciting surprise!

5. I think I’ve finally mastered liquid eyeliner.  Don’t laugh.  I know I’m 25 and all, and should totally have figured it out by now, but alas that has not been the case.  I love eyeliner but the liquid stuff has seemed to thwart me every time I try it.  It’s just so hard to draw a straight, even, non-overkill line.  But I think I finally figured out how to wear it so it doesn’t look all crazy.

And since I don’t have a single picture that goes along with any of these things, I’ll leave you with an outtake picture from my 30 day photography challenge:

Michael is skeptical about…something

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  1. Ha! I’m older than you and don’t attempt eyeliner! Or any makeup for that matter : )

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