blog domains and hosts {Works for Me Wednesday}

Ok, technically this is an “I need help Wednesday” post rather than a “works for me Wednesday” post because I need you lovely readers to give me some tips and advice this week.  I love blogging but I do it as a way to share my thoughts, not to do all kinds of cool technology things.  That part eludes me.

As of right now (as you can obviously see here) I’m blogging using  Just the really basic, free  What I’m wanting to do is to customize my blog a bit more, which from what I’ve read means I have to move my blog elsewhere.


This is what I’ve gathered (but please, feel free to correct me!):

First I need to purchase a domain name (i.e. .com rather than  The only places I know of to do so are and  For those of you who own your domain name, did you use either of those services?  If so, have you been pleased?  If not, what do/did you use?

The second step is what is giving me a bit of anxiety.  I really like and I’m quite fond of the fact that they do all techy stuff for me – spam filters, storage, etc.  However, they limit the add-ons and plug ins you’re allowed to use and there are several that I’d really like to have.  So…I want to move but I’m scared to do it myself because I don’t want to lose everything I’ve written so far.

From what I can find on the support blog, they recommend I move my blog to  In order to do that I have to choose a host for my blog.  They have a list of recommended hosts, but the only one I had heard of is Go Daddy.  What host do you recommend?

WordPress also offers a service where I can pay and have their “Happiness Engineers” transfer my blog to the web host I choose.  This may be the best choice for me since I’m not confident about doing it myself.  Any thoughts on that?

Ok, so what I’m really looking for is someone who started out with a site and has since moved elsewhere.  I’d love to hear what you did to make that happen.  And even those of you who don’t use WordPress, I’d still appreciate any thoughts or advice you have (or links to tutorials, etc. that are written for non-techy people like myself).  I also know there are people out in blogland who do blog designing for other bloggers, but are there any people who would move my blog for me (for a price that wouldn’t require giving up my firstborn)?

Yikes!  So there are my big questions.  Please comment if you have any advice!



  1. I am wanting to do the same thing and recently talked with someone who just changed theirs. They purchased the layout/theme through and then had a web designer customize it. Here is a link to hers: (Really great Christian Marriage blog site!) I did go ahead and purchase the domain for like $20. Love reading your blog!:)

  2. I’ve done a lot of WordPress research and webinars since I manage my company’s website on Before hosting the site ourselves, we used HostGator. A lot of webinars have recommended BlueHost too though.
    Here’s a how-to to set up hosting:
    I use this blog tutorial for WordPress workshops/webinars (VERY helpful!) , There are 8 parts but I’m sure you’re at least more advanced that the first one.

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