Pinteresting Tuesday

I haven’t done one of these in a while so I decided to take a moment to show you some of the cool things I’ve found on Pinterest recently.


This corn looks so yummy (and easy, too!).  I’m planning to make this tomorrow so I’ll let you know how it is.


I would love to have a pantry this amazing someday!


Crayon art is all over Pinterest, and in fact I’ve made some myself (plus we did some last week at camp), but I thought this was a really unique version.  I might have to make this someday!


What a genius idea – put paper/foam plates between your plates when you move rather than wrapping each one in paper.  I never would have thought of this so I’m glad I saw this pin!  Definitely keeping that in mind as we house hunt and (hopefully) move soon.


Most of the nail tutorials I see on Pinterest look really cool but way to complicated for me to do.  This one actually looks like something I could manage (paint the base coat, then dip a straw in other colors of paint to make the circles)!

Source: via Caitlin on Pinterest


I absolutely do this…

And one last thing…If you are of the elementary librarian/teacher persuasion, you might want to check out my school stuff board – I’ve been collecting tons of ideas for the upcoming school year but there are just way too many to share here!

Speaking of school, yesterday was my first day of work – I spent the day cleaning the library and organizing my office.  It was exhausting, a little overwhelming, but exciting!  Today I hope to start figuring out what exactly I have as far as books and materials go.  So fun!


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