top 10 Facebook no-no’s

Today’s Works for Me Wednesday post is actually a DOESN’T Work for Me Wednesday post…as in the top 10 Facebook faux pas that make me crazy.  Consider yourself warned, some toes are gonna get crunched….

1. contests – I cannot even describe to you how much I can’t stand it when people ask you to vote for this or that in a contest.  It’s typically a cutest kid type contest, and I hate to break it to you but you can’t ALL have the cutest kid.  Just sayin…  The worst offenders are the ones that post “go vote for this so I can win that”, or “only five more days…go vote!”.  Posting about a contest one time is moderately acceptable, but any more that that is just asking to get blocked.

2. not editing your pictures – I want to look at your pictures.  I really do.  But what I don’t want to look at is 200 pictures of very very similar poses, with each pose being shown in black and white, sepia, and color.  Or when you just dump every picture from your camera into an event and don’t go through to remove the pictures of the floor that you accidentally took or the really blurry pictures.  Have an editing eye!  You’re only hurting yourself – I’m much more likely to look at your pictures if I don’t have to click through a million of the exact same picture or a ton of junk.  Edit, edit, edit!

3. gruesome picturess – Ok this one could actually be a safety hazard.  I get dizzy just talking about blood, not to mention seeing it, so when you post a particularly bloody or gruesome picture that I come across while I’m checking Facebook, I may just pass out and injure myself.  The worst part is there is no warning…I’m just innocently scrolling through my news feed and then *bam* there’s a picture of someone’s baby entering the world or a nasty bloody cut.  In all seriousness…STOP!  Again, I really do want to see pictures of your sweet precious newborn, but have some discretion and please don’t put the pictures of junior emerging from you on Facebook (yes, I’ve really seen that).  In fact, I’d really appreciate if you’d only post pictures once you’ve cleaned all the baby gunk off him a little.  And sorry but there’s no time I’d ever want to see your bloody injury, so just don’t do it.

4. posting a new picture of yourself each day that looks just like the one you posted yesterday – Why?  These are always just of your face (sometimes with the classic duck lips) so I can’t even see if you have on a good outfit.  I promise you haven’t changed that much.


5. I need attention posts – You know, the ones that are intentionally vague with the hope that people will ask you to elaborate.  Examples include, but are not limited to, “So sad…”, “crying…”, heartbroken :(“, “MAD!!!!!”.  You might as just well write “I want attention!”

6. back and forth posts that read like a text message – Please don’t blow up my news feed with you and your bestie’s whole conversation.  If it’s that long, just text each other.  Or Facebook chat.  Or send an email.  Or send a Facebook message.  Please.

7. practically naked maternity pictures – I’m not sure why people think that having a pregnant belly means you should post nearly-nude pictures of yourself, but the fact is…it doesn’t (although unfortuanltey many people post practically naked pictures of themselves all the time, pregnant or not, not cool).  Anyway, I love a good maternity picture.  Weekly updates are fine.  Just please stay clothed.  Thank you.  Sincerely, my eyes.

8. game/app/whatever requests – Nothing is more disappointing than getting a Facebook notification, only to discover that it’s just someone requesting you to play a game.  Rude.

9. linking Pinterest with Facebook so that everything you pin on Pinterest also shows up in my newsfeed – I’m probably already following you on Pinterest, and I don’t want to have to see the same pins twice.  A funny meme or picture every once in a while is fine, but every.single.thing you pin does not need to be shown on Facebook.  Check your settings.  Please and thank you.

10. Baby Gaga – We’re happy you’re having a baby, but nobody except you really cares about your baby’s progress at week 21 (or 25, or 30, or 40, or …).  Get an app or read a book.  No need to have that on Facebook.  (This is Michael’s contribution to this list, although I agree)

(edited to add a bonus that I just remembered…) 11. “re-post this” statuses – Guess what, I love my husband, mother, brother, God, the same whether or not I “repost this if you agree”.  I seriously can’t stand those.  They usually say “repost this if you love your so-and-so”, implying that if you don’t repost then obviously you don’t love them very much.  Baloney.

Honorable mention:

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So what did I miss?  Feel free to leave a comment with your own Facebook pet peeves.

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  1. Incorrect spelling!

    • I’m not the world’s best speller so I’ve probably done this once or twice, but I do try to double check my posts because incorrect spelling irks me too.

      • Accidental typos are ok, but the issue I have is with adults doing it on purpose to shorten the length of words.

  2. I agree fully w/your list & I agree w/the above comment about poor grammar-it drives me crazy. I also can’t stand when people air their dirty laundry on FB, such as when they’re mad at their spouse/family. FB is not the place for that either.

  3. I love this! Now if only the people who do these things will read it…

  4. Drama….Drama….Drama!!!! I was raised that it just wasn’t good manners to talk politics, religion, or football at the table. I’m beginning to believe the same should go for Facebook.

  5. I’m actually okay with the “vote for me” spiel. It’s the “vote for my boss/cousin/Uncle Eddie ones that get me.” I don’t even know the guy!

    You hit the rest of these right on the head for me!

    The passive aggressive posts get me, too. If you’re mad at your sister/mother/son call them and fix it. Don’t splash it on everyone’s news feeds.

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