school pictures

my school pictures as a teacher

It was the fall of 2009.  I was a brand-spankin’-new teacher and it was time for school pictures.  Being the dutiful, rule-following person that I am I curled my hair, put on some lipstick, and marched myself to the auditorium to get my picture taken for the yearbook.

Imagine my surprise a week or so later when I found this in my mailbox

Twenty-four shiny wallet-sized pictures of my 22-year old young teacher self.  After a little inquiry I discovered that the picture people give all the teachers a complimentary photo package.  Now what, pray tell, is any adult going to do with 24 wallet sized pictures of themselves?

I scrapbooked one picture for the memories, gave one to Michael, and gave a few to our grandparents…the only other people in the world who I could imagine might want a school picture of anyone past the age of 18.

The rest went in a drawer.

2010 school pictures wallet sized

The next year rolls around, and guess what…24 more pictures.

my school picture 2010

Again, one went in the scrapbook, one to Michael, and a few to family.  The rest went in to the drawer.  (and on that note…anyone have any great craft ideas to do with 40+ wallet sized photos of myself)

But this year, this year was different.  I fixed my hair nice, got my picture taken, the whole nine yards.  But sadly, this is all I had in my mailbox:

my school picture 2012No packet of wallet-sized shiny pictures.  Nothing to scrapbook.  Just a proof.  A boring old proof form to choose which shot I want in the yearbook…and the option to buy these lovely pictures of myself, of course.  And not even a good proof at that – do you see how the shadows make my cheeks look like I’m playing Chubby Bunny?  I mean, I know I have round cheeks and all, but those look like they’re going to take over my face.

What a let-down.  Apparently teachers don’t get free pictures in this school district.  How sad.  Whatever will I do?  Do I choose the 8x10s?  The 5x7s?  A plethora of wallets?  The combination pack?  These are the hard decisions one must ponder.

And those are my deep thoughts on Wednesday.

P.S. If anyone needs a photo of me…

P.P.S. Sarcasm heavily implied during the writing of this post.


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