things I do NOT miss about apartment living

We’ve been in our house and out of our apartment for a week now and I can’t even tell you how happy I am to no longer live in that apartment!  I am thrilled with our house and love it more each day we live here (and I promise I’ll show picture soon, I’m just trying to get mostly unpacked and semi-decorated first!).  And while I am very thankful that we were able to find a reasonably priced, reasonably sized townhouse to live in while we tried to sell our old house in Lexington and then look for a new one here (lest you think I am ungrateful after reading the post I’m about to write), I will say that it was definitely not our ideal living situation.

For example…

I will not miss the the front door that was misaligned and expanded in the heat and made it impossible to unlock and open with only one had.  Oh no, we had to use both hands to lift the door up to be correctly aligned with the lock in order to lock or unlock the door.  Very inconvenient.  Not to mention the fact that the door was metal and would burn your arm if you accidentally brushed up against it while attempting said maneuver to open the door.

I will not miss the smell of dog food that came from the dog food plant across the street.  Appetizing, no?

I will not miss the tiny, 12″ of counter space we had in our kitchen.  For people who cook as much as we do, having one little corner of our kitchen in which to prepare food was not cutting it for us.

But more than anything, I will NOT miss our neighbors.  You may have heard me mention our neighbors a time or two if you are friends with me on Facebook or in real life.  We have not had the best of situations.  It could have certainly been worse, but it hasn’t been pleasant.

Let me start by saying that the walls of our apartment are paper thin.  As in, when our neighbor plugged her iPhone in we could hear that beep that the iPhones make when you plug them in.  Or when someone knocked on a door you couldn’t tell if they were knocking on your door or your neighbors.

The second night we were in our apartment we were woken up by our neighbors talking.  There were three people who lived in the townhouse to the left of ours.  I’m can’t quite determine the family dynamics, but it appeared to be a girl in here late 20s/early 30s and a couple in their 40s or 50s.  And these people were literally the loudest people I’ve ever been around.  That’s saying a lot because I’m quite a loud person myself.

The younger girl’s room backed up to our room and like I said, we could hear everything.  Such as the iPhone being plugged in.  We could also hear it vibrating – there were multiple times I would hear a phone vibrating and think it was one of ours; we would both check, neither of our phones was ringing…it was hers in her bedroom in another townhouse.  Crazy.

We could hear her yawn.  We could hear her scolding her cats.  Of course, we could hear every conversation she had on her phone.  And most of the time she would have her phone on speaker, so lucky us we got to hear both sides of the conversation.  I don’t know what her job was, but for some reason, she tended to get up very early on weekends and as soon as she would get up she would get on that phone.  I can’t even tell you how many times she woke us up early in the morning (and sometimes in the middle of the night) having a phone conversation.  Like the morning I had to take the PRAXIS test and was trying to get as much rest as possible and she cranks up a blaring conversation at 5:30…

What I don’t understand is why she couldn’t just go downstairs, where no one is trying to sleep, to talk?

Or the times when her alarm would go off for 10 straight minutes and wake us up, so we’d finally knock on the wall to wake her up so she would turn off the alarm so we could go back to sleep.  And it’s not like we’re super light sleepers, either.

Of course then this makes us nervous that if we can hear her all the time, we can assume that she can hear everything we say.  Creepy.

The man was a very loud snorer but fortunately his bedroom backed up to our guest room/office so we didn’t have to deal with that while we were trying to sleep.  We got to hear him saw some impressive logs while we’d be in the office during the day, though.

And then there was the fact that they smoked and that the smoke smell leaked through the walls/vents and into our townhouse.  Fortunately we could only smell it in the office and the downstairs closet (although that’s still two rooms too many in my opinion).  Oh yes, and since there were three adults in that townhouse and each townhouse only has two parking spaces, we had the delight of dealing with that extra car that they would park in a place where there was no room.

One day someone came by to try to talk to one of them and they obviously weren’t home but the guy simultaneously knocked on their door and rang their doorbell for 10 straight minutes until I finally poked my head outside and asked if there was anything I could do for him since clearly the neighbors were not home.

The neighbors on the other side were much better…for the most part.  It was a younger girl, about our age or just  few years older, and her elementary-aged son.  Our apartments shared walls of course, but none of the main living areas backed up so we didn’t hear them much.  She was always very nice and we’d talk if we saw each other outside.

However, there were two nights that she got rip-roaring drunk and let me tell you, she is definitely a loud drunk.  One night I came flying out of bed because she scared me so badly with her yelling.  She was cussing up a blue streak and screaming at some guy to get out of her apartment.  It definitely sounded like a domestic dispute of some sort and boy was it scary.

Then another night she was screaming at someone on the phone and stomping (yes, stomping – like a child).  I’ve never heard anything like it.  She was furious at some guy for not coming to meet her when he was supposed to and she was letting him know it.  She was so loud that she didn’t even hear us knocking on the wall to try to get her attention…we had to get a flashlight and beat on the wall to let her know that she was disturbing us.

So yeah, we’re pretty happy to get to go to sleep at night in our house knowing that we probably aren’t going to get woken up by someone else’s phone conversation.  Or if I want to do a Jillian Michael’s dvd I don’t have to worry about my thundering around disturbing the neighbors.


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