What I Wore Wednesday

It’s that time again…the time where I pose awkwardly to get pictures of what I wore each day (or some days…depending on the week). Just yesterday a friend told me she had seen a picture of me on Pinterest where someone had pinned one of my outfits! ¬†Good to know that at least one person doesn’t think I’m a totally unfashionable doofus :)

So here’s what’s in this weeks line up:red and black

dress/Gabriel Brothers; tank/Gabriel Brothers; sweater/NY&Co.; leggings/???; shoes/TOMS via Journey’s; necklace/Gabriel Brothers

pink and brown

sweater/Gap via Goodwill; skirt/Goodwill; tights/Vera Wang via Kohl’s; boots/Gianni Bini via Hyder’s; scarf/??

turquoise scarf

dress/Loft outlet; long sleeved shirt/Limited; scarf/Burke’s Outlet; tights/Payless; boots/Gianni Bini via Hyder’s

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pleated poppy



  1. Cute!

    I have yet to EVER wear a scarf. And not just because I live in Alabama – a lot of people do. I don’t know – it just seems like it would be … claustrophobic.

    But you look adorable in them!

    • Thanks! I am baffled though that you’ve never worn a scarf. I mean, not even with a coat to keep your neck warm? Maybe a houndstooth scarf would be the key?

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