5 tv shows I’ve never watched

I’m sure there are a ton of popular shows that I’ve never seen, but here are 5 that I think just about everyone else in the world has watched/currently watches but that I just never (or haven’t yet, at least) gotten in to.

1.  The Simpsons – I was definitely not allowed to watch this growing up, and then when I got older I never had the desire to watch it.  It doesn’t seem like my kind of humor anyway.


2.  Seinfield – Wildly popular and apparently very funny, and yet I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single episode.


3.  Lost – This was big when I was in college.  I remember my roommate being really in to Lost, but I never watched it.  I don’t know anything about it except that it had something to do with an island and that it seemed like one of those shows that went on a a bajillion seasons and nothing ever got resolved.  I haven’t written it off, though, and someday I might watch an episode or two and see if I like it.


4.  Downton Abbey – I can’t say I’ve never watched this, because I did actually try to watch the first episode.  I was totally bored and didn’t make it through that first episode.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me since it is one of the most popular shows around right now, but it holds no interest for me (fun fact: I actually don’t like British accents, except in Harry Potter.  But I do a pretty good British accent if I do say so myself…but that’s story or a another day).  Besides, thanks to Facebook and people who post spoilers before considering that some people haven’t yet watched a current episode (HUGE pet peeve!), I already know all the important stuff and that takes the fun out of it.

(Actually until just now when I googled to find an image to use, I thought the show was Downtown Abbey, and always wondered why people pronounced “downtown” so funny…duh, because it’s Downton)

downton abbey[source]

5.  The Walking Dead – Another super popular show right now.  I actually considered giving it a try after so many people raved about it, but then I heard it was really gory and I don’t do well with blood and guts.


Honorable Mention: Duck Dynasty – I think everyone I know watches Duck Dynasty.  Since we don’t have cable we’ve only ever seen snippets of episodes at our friends’ houses.  That’s about to change, though, since I bought Michael seasons 1 and 2 for Valentine’s.  I’ll let you know how we like it :)


Like I mentioned yesterday, I was very restricted growing up with what I was allowed to watch on tv and in movies.  And like I said, I didn’t mind that at all but is has caused me not to be as knowledgeable about popular tv/movie references (not necessarily a bad thing…).  Really there weren’t any shows that I watched consistently (except maybe American Idol) until I got to college and discovered the wonders of cable in our dorm rooms.  So there are a ton of shows that I didn’t start watching until years after they aired.

Here’s a bonus list for you of 11 shows I have watched but didn’t watch when they were first popular.

1.  Full House – Mom let me watch one episode once when I was little because all my friends were watching it, but apparently I was a pretty impressionable kid because I immediately started mimicking Michelle and her disrespectful toward-adults attitude.  So that was my one and only episode of Full House until I started watching it on ABC Family in college.


2.  Friends – I wasn’t allowed to watch it when it was popular in high school.  Since then I’ve seen a few episodes but never been interested to sit down and watch a bunch.


3-4. Boy Meets World and Gilmore Girls – Also discovered in college via ABC Family.


5-10.  CSI, Law & Order, Numb3rs, Criminal Minds, Bones, The Closer – What can I say, I’m a crime show junkie.  I never watched a single crime drama until college when I found the Law & Order SVU and Criminal Intent marathons.  Then I just kept discovering more and more that I liked.  My M.O. seems to be that I always wait until the show is several seasons old, the watch all the seasons in a big marathon via dvd, Amazon Prime, or Netflix until I get caught up to the current season.


11.  24 – I actually blogged about this last year when Michael and I discovered 24 for the first time (years after it aired) and holed up for weeks watching every.single.episode.


These past few days of sharing the things I’ve never read or watched have been fun!  There’s been lots of fun comments left on the posts and Facebook, too, about the ones you have or haven’t seen.  So let’s dish one more time…what tv shows have you never watched or did you not watch until way after they were popular?


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