a fun photoshoot

You remember the Gaines family?  The ones who are moving to Tanzania in October to be missionaries for three years?  Well, obviously that is expensive and so they have been working hard to raise money for their trip (I’m sure they would love a donation from you…go here if you’d like to help).  Sunday night Daniel did some fundraising at a church near Red Boiling Springs, TN and Michael and I went along with them.  There are some beautiful scenic spots in Red Boiling Springs, so we go there a little early for some pictures.  Ever since Tiffany read that one of my 2013 bucket list items was to take more pictures of the two of us together, she has made a point to take pictures of Michael and me.  Then we were able to take some pictures of their family.  It was a win for everyone!

First stop, The Thomas House – a bed and breakfast in Red Boiling Springs

IMG_6528Josiah had just woken up from a nap and wasn’t really in the picture taking mood


IMG_6543It’s a bit hard to get a good picture of two wiggly toddler/babies.  Too bad Levi wasn’t looking in this picture.

IMG_6549Looking very solemn


I love these pictures in front of the fountain!




Next up, a pretty covered bridge


Levi CollageBe honest, who wants to take (or look at) pictures of adults when this sweet one is around?

IMG_6639Love this little squishy

IMG_6641happiest baby I know!

IMG_6649He gets the biggest grins when you kiss his cheeks :)

hair pullingThis sequence of events happens every time I hold the little guy…he grabs my hair, I work to free said hair from his ridiculously strong baby grip

IMG_6660Pretty sure Jojo was either saying “Hi, Missa Michael!” (Mr. Michael) or “Hi, Missy Caitlin!” (Miss Caitlin).  He is the master of the yell-your-name-and-wave move…especially when it’s very quiet at church.

IMG_6680Great picture on the covered bridge

IMG_6676…then a car drove by and we lost all the boys to that distraction…yep, even Daniel

Wasn’t that fun?  I’m so glad to get some good pictures of Michael and me!  Thanks Tiffany for being a great photographer!



  1. Nicole Jordan says:

    My dad has attended a car show in RBS for over 40 years now. The Donoho Hotel across from the Thomas House used to have the best country cooking. Unfortunately not so much anymore. :( And that covered bridge has had many a picture taken of my family there (Including some of my sister & bro-in-law’s engagement shots if I’m not mistaken). And the little motorcycle museum that is across the street from the church is where Whit asked Dad for permission to marry me. :)

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