pregnancy update – week 26

How far along: 26 weeks

How big is baby:  Hudson is approximately 1 2/3 pounds in weight and 14 inches long.  This makes him comparable to a scallion (aka a green onion)…in length, obviously, not in weight.

My symptoms:  People ask me all.the.time “so, how are you feeling?”, and in all honesty the answer is usually that I’m feeling great!  I have some uncomfortable times, but for the most part I feel really good and full of energy.  But there are several things I’m noticing:

  • My abs are letting me down big time.  It is way hard to go from a laying down to sitting up position; I can no longer rely on my abs to pull me up and now I have to use my arms to push up into a sitting position.
  • My back has been hurting.  Last week and this weekend were horrible, but I got adjusted at the chiropractor Monday and I’ve have much less pain since then.  It’s still there, but not as noticeable.
  • Bending down is still possible, but quickly becoming a “is it really worth it?” thing.  This is partly because of not wanting to aggravate my back and partly because my belly gets in the way.  A lot of times when I need to get something off the floor I really contemplate how badly I need that item before bending down to get it.  Fortunately, I have a lot of willing minions students who love to help out and are happy to pick things up for me ;).
  • My clothes feel so uncomfortable!  I don’t know if my body has gone through a bunch of changes this week or what, but everything just seems to rub or pull or something and I just feel uncomfortable all day.  I can’t wait to get home in the afternoons to change into something less restrictive.  I think I might just have to bring back the maternity muumuu of old – might not be hip, but it seems much more comfy.

Weight/belly: Up 23 pounds so far


There were lots of (conflicting) comments on my belly this week – see the “funny comments” below.

Movement:  He is so, so active!  It’s not just swift kicks and punches anymore, I feel him moving in waves inside there.  I wonder if he is turning flips?  I love feeling him, it is so neat to know that there is a tiny human inside me!

He’s getting strong, too.  There have been a few times that I know if I had been looking at my belly when he kicked I would have seen it from the outside.  A co-worker thought she saw my belly move and it was right at the same time he kicked me hard, so I bet she saw him!  I guess I need to get in the habit of staring at my belly more, huh?

Food cravings:  Granola bars.  I finally made some this week and I’ve been devouring them.  Also, coffee.

Food aversions:  None.

Sleep:  For the most part, great!  I mentioned last week that I’ve started sleeping with an extra pillow and that seems to have helped.  I wake up once in the night to use the bathroom (but that was the case even pre-pregnancy for me so that’s nothing new) and I’ll usually flip myself and my pillow to the other side for the rest of the night.

So here’s your question(s) of the week:  Is a pregnancy body pillow worth it or did you just make do with extra bed pillows?  They’re kinda pricey so I’m wondering whether or not to get one.  Also, how did you know that you needed one?  So far I’m feeling good but I do wonder a little if extra pillow might help my back or anything.  Finally, what’s your brand of choice – Boppy, Nest, Snoogle, or something else?

Best moment(s) this week:  Not crying or passing out when I got my flu shot.  I’ve never had a flu shot before because I didn’t really think it was necessary and I hate needles, but I know it’s much more important to get one when you’re pregnant so I got one this year.  The nurse at school gave me mine and I did really well – it was over super quick and I was able to get right up and walk out of her office with no problem.  That is big for me!  Now if only getting blood drawn would be the same…sadly, that is way worse for me than a shot.

Funny comments:  Four people this week have all said that I don’t even look pregnant.  Now granted, one was a lady in my water aerobics class and we were in the pool so she really couldn’t any of me below my neck.  Two of those comments were when I was wearing a sweatshirt with a pocket in the front and I can see how that might conceal the bump a little; plus one of those people vary rarely sees me and the other didn’t know me.  Another one was while I was on a Skype call with someone who’s only seen me once in person and she could only see me from the chest up on the Skype call (she said that what she could see of my was looking very “svelte” and that she couldn’t tell at all I was pregnant).

So I’m giving most of these people a pass since they don’t have the “old” me with which to compare my current state, however, it is a little disheartening to know that I still might be mistaken as just chunky rather than pregnant!

On the other hand, one teacher at school (the same day I was wearing the previously mentioned sweatshirt) said “You’re looking really pregnant today!”  Another teacher mentioned that my stomach had really popped out.  Funny how the opinions vary!

And of course I have some student comments for you:

One kid eyed my stomach and said “looks like your baby is really growing!”.  Quite the tactful way to tell me I’m getting big, dontcha think?

One student asked what the baby’s name was going to be and I said “Hudson”.  Then he asked, “well what is his last name going to be?”.  I just looked at him for a few seconds and then really slowly said my last name (which, you know, he calls me every day since I’m a teacher and we go by our last names…).  These kids really struggle with the concepts of last names.  (It’s funny, and yet it’s also sad because they are so used to being in families where no one has the same last name)

What I’m looking forward to:  Meeting this little guy, of course!  In some ways I’m so ready for it to be January (or February) because I want him to be here, but in other ways I want time to slow down because I realize we only have about three and a half months left to get done all the things I want to complete before he gets here!

Baby items purchased:  A nice, snuggly carseat cover to keep Hudson warm.  It’s like blanket, but not the kind that attaches to the handle and drapes down, it’s fits tighter to the seat more like a snow suit.  It will be perfect, especially if we get the kind of harsh winter that everyone is predicting.

Thoughts:  This is random, but I had my first pregnancy dream since actually becoming pregnant.  I used to have pretty frequent dreams about babies back before I was pregnant, but strangely enough I haven’t had any these past few months.  I know some people have lots of pregnancy/baby dreams but I just haven’t.  And the dream really wasn’t that crazy, it was just about Hudson being here and us going about our lives.  Not stressful or anything.



  1. I guess I can out myself as pregnant now; I am 13 weeks along! It isn’t announced on my blog yet because I am working on a post about coping with pregnancy nausea and will put the announcement in there…but I’ve been so tired lately that I’m not getting much time to work on it.

    I know what you mean about trouble sitting up! My abs still work, but bending them is uncomfortable and can make me feel sick. I try to remember to sit up from lying on my side instead of my back–it works better.

    In my first pregnancy I never bought a special pillow but used several ordinary pillows, the old ones that are kind of flattened out. I think they’re more versatile than a special pillow. I put one under the side of my belly, and later I put one between my knees too.

    I’m glad your flu shot went well! I work for a “health system” so I’m required to have one (and they give it free) but I agree it’s a good idea–in all the years I’ve had a flu shot, I’ve only once had a renegade flu that got past it, but every year I skipped it I got the flu.

    I’m not too bad with having blood drawn, but when I went yesterday I did not expect them to take SIX vials! I got light-headed afterward. I should have had more fluids before I went.

    The last name question wouldn’t have surprised me. In our area, a lot of mothers don’t change their last name even if married, and most kids have their father’s last name, but some have their mother’s…so it’s best not to assume. I still have my original last name, and my son has his father’s name. At least two people who know that have already asked me if this baby will get my last name–no, I like the tradition of being named after your father, and anyway he has a nice name. :-)

    • CONGRATULATIONS!! How very exciting! I hope your nausea goes away soon! And I sure hope that your glucose test goes much better this time than last time. Fingers crossed for no projectile vomiting :).

      I’ve heard group exercise instructions tell our classes “roll over to your side and slowly come up” after we have finished mat work and gotten ready to sit up again. I always just sat straight up and never did the roll over first part…now I totally have to do that!! It’s either that or get Michael to give me a boost up.

      The last name question doesn’t really surprise me either because in the area where I teach so many of the families are very disjointed and unstable and there may be 4 or 5 siblings (or cousins that all live in the same house) that all have different names because they all have different fathers. It just makes me sad that the stability of a consistent, two parent household is not the norm for them like it was for me (and sounds like it is in your area, just the last name thing is a little different since I grew up with most women taking their husband’s last names).

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