maternity pictures…finally!

Oh y’all, getting our maternity pictures has been an insanely huge ordeal.  Please, pull up a chair and let me tell you about it.

A good long time ago I started looking for someone to book for our maternity pictures and Hudson’s first year pictures (newborn, 3 months, etc.).  I found someone whose pictures I liked and also had a reasonable price (because have you seen the price for some of those pictures?…yikes!).  I originally wanted to wait until I was further along, but I really wanted to use our maternity pictures for our Christmas cards so she suggested we do them a little bit earlier.

We set the date for Sunday afternoon, November 24.

Well, that day rolls around and it was a pretty cold day – colder than we’d been experiencing.  I was willing to stick it out long enough to do pictures (we were planning to do them outside) but she was afraid I’d get sick and wanted to reschedule.

Long story short, she ended up going out of town for a week without telling me and not returning my messages.  Then when she finally did get in touch (almost a week after we cancelled and I sent her a message trying to find another date, and a week before she’d even be back in town) and I asked if we could do them as soon as she returned from her trip she said that even if we did she wouldn’t get them edited in time for Christmas.


She knew the whole point was for us to get these pictures taken for our Christmas cards.  I was very unhappy and needless to say told her we would find someone else.

I put out a desperate plea on Facebook for recommendations of photographers who could do a *very* last minute shoot for us.  A friend of a friend was recommended and we set up a time that next week with her.  Then we had quite a bit of ice and snow and the ground was all wet so we decided to push the pictures from Tuesday until Thursday.

Thursday I change quickly and rush over there after school and take a bunch as fast as we can as we still have some light.  Yay!  Pictures are done!


She gets home that night to upload the pictures to her computer and finds out her memory card was corrupt so the pictures are gone.

At this point I’m thinking it wasn’t meant to be, but we decided to try again one more time on Sunday.  So after church Sunday we grabbed a quick bite, changed into our picture clothes, took the pictures all over again, changed back, and headed off to my baby shower.

Amy (the girl who took our pictures) was awesome though and had them edited that night so that I could get our Christmas cards ordered.  Christmas cards have been ordered and hopefully will get here soon…and then I have to get them addressed…and then have to get them in the mail…

We’ll see if anyone actually gets them in time for Christmas.

(oh and if you do get a card from us, act surprised like you haven’t seen these pictures before, because I just couldn’t wait to show them off)

Michael was a real trooper.  It was in the 30s both times we took the pictures.  I was chilly but not freezing since pregnancy makes me feel hot all the time anyway.  Poor Michael was miserably cold but toughed it out so that I could have the outdoor pictures I wanted.  He is awesome.

Oh and guess what…these two days of pictures were colder than had we just stuck with our original November 24 day.  Ironic.

And now the pictures you’ve been waiting for.

maternity pictures 1 maternity pictures 2 maternity pictures 3 maternity pictures 4 maternity pictures 5 maternity pictures 6 maternity pictures 7 maternity pictures 8 maternity pictures 9

So ends the maternity picture saga (I hope).  Now on to finding a newborn/first year photographer for Hudson.  Sigh.



  1. Faye Jackson says:

    I saw Gr Grandma King at Kroger today and when I mentioned Hudson, she was grinning from ear to ear literally. A little jealous maybe that I could keep up on the computer!!

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